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Poltergeist Activity Captured At Incredibly Haunted Hospital

December 21, 2018 5:00 PM
We linked up with Proving Demons to uncover some seriously scary poltergeist activity. Whatever was here doesn't like us being here and is rather intelligent too.

This video was filmed and scheduled before proving demons "Body In The Wall" episode which was branded by Cheshire Police to be a hoax. We have no comment as to if it's fake or not, but because of this we have decided to distance ourselves away from the drama as our aim is to provide real evidence to our followers and will not tolerate being painted with the same brush as being fake investigators.

We have decided to publish this video as scheduled due to the evidence we did genuinely capture what we believe to be paranormal phenomena. Thanks for understanding guys.

About Dark Arts Paranormal

Dark Arts are a UK based group of paranormal investigators and urban explorers with a passion for history, architecture and paranormal science.

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