What Do You Think? Is This House Really Haunted?

A video which was submitted to us, the guy shot this two minute video during a walk around his house on a very active evening. If real, the video seems to show banging, poltergeist activity and even a partial manifestation.

October 25, 2017 10:00 AM


The video was shot using a night vision camera by one man, who was alone in his flat in the dark.

Starting off in the living room, the sound of faint knocking can be heard. He works out that the sound is coming from a cupboard in the hallway, but the second he opens the cupboard to investigate, he's startled by another sound.

Running back into the living room he finds his television has turned itself on and is noisily flickering away. He mutes the TV to restore the peace, but within seconds the silence is broken once again with a sound which seems to have come from the bathroom.

He runs to investigate and shows that the flat is empty along the way, as is the bathroom. But as he turns to leave the room a toothbrush is thrown from seemingly nowhere.

Then he stops dead in his tracks having spotted something that the camera hasn't picked up, a dark shadow. Frozen on the spot he points the camera back into the living room and what appears to be a dark shadowy figure walks past the doorway.

He runs with the camera into the living room, only to find it empty... or so it seemed. However, something must have been there as moments later a large chair spun around of its own accord.

The video ends as the tap in the kitchen turns on and loudly drips water into the sink. According to the guy in the video, this is the kind of paranormal activity that he has to put up with all the time.


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