Strange Activity In The Mary Queen Of Scot's House

March 20, 2020 7:19 PM

About This Video

This video was uploaded to the YouTube channel Dead Air in March 2020.

There is a small town house located within Jedburgh in the Scottish Borders that is full of ghostly sightings and strange activity.

This house is several hundred years old and has had many owners over the years, some of which are still said to haunt this building. But its most famous resident was Mary Queen of Scots, who resided here for a short time in 1566. In fact, Mary almost died in this house, following a visit to see her lover saw her catch a fever. Mary is said to have a personal connection to Jedburgh.

Today the building is used as a museum to Mary and her life.

Her deathmask, made shortly after her exeution is on display, as well as a lock of her hair and personal hand written letters that she wrote the night before she died, are all on display here...

Many people believe in 'haunted objects' - and if that is the case, this building has plenty of potential. Many of the objects Mary owned in her short life are here. The smell of lavander has been detected around the room that was once her bedroom - could this be Mary's ghost in visitation? Many other places have also claimed to have the royal ghost.

There is also the spirit of a small girl who has been seen in the banqueting hall, which tends to be mischievous and moves objects around. Mediums say she is called Anne and many people have picked up on her.

A dark entity is said to be felt upstairs in the old guards area, and a mist has been captured on CCTV downstairs in what is now the gift shop, but was once a shelter room in the event of an attack.

Ghostly dogs have also been picked up here, which only starts to make sense when you find out that the last owners to live here before it was converted into a museum...had guard dogs.

Recorded in February 2020 - editing and voice overs done at home due to the Covid-19 lockdown.

About Dead Air

Dead Air was formed in 2009 by University friends Rob Davies and Chris Felton, originally as a radio show in Newcastle based FM station, NE1fm. The show originally was based around encouraging callers to talk about their own experiences and opinions on the paranormal, as well as monthly live broadcasts from some of the North East's scariest places.

Chris works alongside Alan Robson, the host of Metro Radio's Nightowls and Sky TV's 'Scariest Places on Earth', and plans to make a full return to the show in 2021. Rob has been a radio presenter with NE1fm on the music scene, but is now 100% committed to creating paranormal content for the channel.

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