How To Get To The Upside Down From Stranger Things

November 02, 2017 4:02 PM


If you'd like to get in the realm known as "the upside down" then first you'll need to establish if there's a festering gateway near by, the easiest way to do this is with a compass or with a kind of light-powered ouija board.

Then you'll need to brew a potion to open the gate using the following ingredients...

- Gorgon crystals
- A nether pod
- Mini triblette
- Slugs thing
- Putrefied pumpkin juice

Stir your mixture well and after a few minutes spores should start drift form your cauldron and fill the air around it, this mean the potion is ready.

Dip in a paint brush and dap a small amount of the potion on to the wall and make some room. Within a few days the gate will begin to open, it will grow in size until it completely takes over our reality.

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