The Best Of Higgypop's Christmas Magic

December 25, 2017 1:30 PM
Here's some of the most magical things to happen to me at Christmas.

One year I made a potion using, holy, ivy, a cinnamon stick, some cat poop and vodka, I sprayed the potion around my house to make my house more magical, but something went wrong and an evil spirit tried to ruin Christmas.

So the next year I tried a different potion, one to make it snow.

This potion included a glove, some petrified snowflakes, a Christmas tree ornament, and ice water. Snow then magically formed in my cauldron. I took a handful and threw it up into the air and it started snowing… indoors!

Once it's snowed, you might want to build a snowman. Have you ever wanted to bring a snowman to life? Well, I have a potion for that too.

For this potion you'll need some water, some Brussels sprout, some chestnuts, a slice of rare who-roast beast, and some eggnog.

Stir well your mixture well, reach inside and you'll find a magic harmonica, play it near your snowman and it will come to life. He'll be able to walk, talk and even dance.

Or perhaps you'd like to use some magic to make sure Santa comes to visit? You can make a potion to summon Santa using brandy, a mince pie, and cookie. For the reindeers add a carrot, and a bowl of water.

Then sprinkle the potion under your Christmas tree to make sure Santa comes. But what if you want to see him?

Well, in order to visit so many houses in one night, Santa has to travel super fast. So you can’t see him with the human eye, but you can catch him on camera.

If we slow the video down 1,000 times, we can clearly see Santa leaving the gifts under the tree.

It's also possible to summon someone much more evil on Christmas Eve. The Krampus. You’ll need a few ingredients, including Santa's beard, frosted red cherries, a mini Christmas tree, some melted snow, a gingerbread man's leg, and a snow globe's innards.

Then leave the cauldron in the corner of your room, and in the middle of the night Krampus will appear in a plume of black smoke.

Or if you want to summon something a little friendlier, how about a Christmas elf? For this you’ll need a jingle bell, a snowman’s nose, some mulled wine, some mouth wash, some pixie dust, and some boiling water.

Place your cauldron on a flat surface and soon and elf will emerge from it.

But maybe you already have an elf, an elf on the shelf? But they don't move, right? Wrong. Take a look at this hidden camera footage I filmed of my elf early in December.

You can see him rushing off to the north pole in the middle of the night and eating a load of Christmasy treats I left for him. But then I heard something odd coming from a cupboard in the kitchen.

I also caught him in my Christmas tree, and then he started causing trouble, he threw pasta every where, before climbing into my clothes hamper and started throwing clothes around.

Then he climbed up in to my light and unscrewed it! The naught elf even hid in my boots and bit my foot when I went to put them on!

He then started to try and ruin Christmas by ripping open all of the presents under the tree open.

It's usually pretty hard to spot an elf on the shelf moving, because the moment they realise they’re being watched, they turn back into a toy.

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