The Cursed Potion Lab - Halloween 2017

October 26, 2017 9:23 PM


I'm starting to think my potion lab might be haunted, so in this video I'm going to try to communicate with his spirit. This is a dark ritual which can only be performed at midnight on Halloween when thereโ€™s a full moon.

To do this I'm going to mark out a protective circle on a table top, then brew a special potion in chalice in the middle of the circle, the mixture includes:

- Peacock blood
- Thyme
- Dandy flash
- 1 hot dog sausage

Then at exactly midnight I read the "Spirit Reveal" enchantment from the book of shadows and placed an item that belonged to the spirit I was trying to contact in the circle, then I took a sip from the chalice and the spirit appeared.

WARNING: If you try this, whatever you do, DON'T break the circle of protection or the spirit will be free.


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