The Haunted Tunnels Below Cresson Sanatorium & Prison

August 25, 2022 5:18 PM

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This video was uploaded to the YouTube channel Paranormal Quest in August 2022.

I return to spend the night in one of the most haunted places on Earth with @Adelaide's Haunted Horizons Ghost Tours! This time we will venture down to the haunted tunnels below Cresson Sanatorium and Prison, to see what lurks in the total darkness below the ground. With cameras in hand, we will explore this massive haunted location to see what paranormal activity we can catch on camera!

Cresson Sanatorium and Prison could very well be one of the most haunted places on earth! Its short 97 year history was filled with tragedy as it first opened in 1916 as a Tuberculosis Sanatorium to treat people who were battling the deadly disease in human history. Many lost the fight against consumption as the hospital searched for the cure, and many believe the lost souls of patients still wander the halls of the many buildings still left here. In 1956 the hospital started to house patients with severe developmental disabilities and mental illness and was called the Lawrence Flick State Hospital. It's believed some of these patients may still haunt these halls as well. In 1983 the hospital closed and was empty for 4 years while the state of Pennsylvania spent $20.6 million to convert the complex into a prison. In 1987 State Correctional Institution (SCI) Cresson was opened and some of the most violent inmates in the state of Pennsylvania started to call it home. Many of these inmates were aware of the tragic history of the property they now lived in and some even believed the prison was cursed, and an evil cloud was draped over the complex. As inmate violence occurred within the population it only added to the haunted reputation of Cresson. The facility closed and the inmates were transferred out of the prison in 2013, and the true ghost stories of Cresson continued, but this time from explorers who would sneak into the empty buildings. In 2020, the property was purchased by Big House Produce who then opened the property for tours and ghost hunts in 2021. Paranormal and Ghost Hunters from all over the world are starting to discover Cresson Sanatorium and Prison, and VERY soon everyone will know this location as a bucket list paranormal destination!

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The slick and entertaining YouTube series follows Ryan Zacherl, David Gear, Steve Hummel and Jason McKinney on their quest to seek out paranormal activity at reportedly haunted locations across America. Over a decade ago they set out on a quest to capture paranormal activity in the world's most haunted places. What sets them apart is their passion for documentary filmmaking. Their videos allow you to travel with them to some of the most terrifying locations and experience the thrill of ghost hunting.

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