The Skirrid Inn: Wales Most Haunted Pub

August 06, 2019 5:00 PM

About This Video

This video was uploaded to the YouTube channel The Ouija Brothers in August 2019.

Ste and Griff from The Ouija Brothers return to Wales' most haunted pub, The Skirrid Inn for the first time in 15 months.

Skirrid Inn is the residence of several spirits and various supernatural occurrences have happened there. The inn has a reputation of being one of the scariest places in the UK that several paranormal investigators have visited it over the years to refute and prove the existence of its ghostly residents. When the formerly landlady of the inn tried to sell it, glasses went mysteriously flying in the kitchen.

The Hanging Judge is rumored to still talk the upper floors of the inn, looking for people to condemn to death. One felon who was sentenced to death, John Crowther, a sheep rustler, has been seen several times in the property. The evil presence of the judgeโ€™s hangman has also been reported.

About The Ouija Brothers

The Ouija Brothers are a small team of paranormal investigators from Wolverhampton/Walsall searching for the truth with a bit of banter along the way.

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