The Tragedy Of The Crow Sisters Massacre

November 17, 2022 11:38 AM

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This video was uploaded to the YouTube channel Paranormal Quest in November 2022.

In May of 1791, this wooded area became the site of an unspeakable act. A massacre that is said to still haunt these woods to this day. Today, we will explore the area where the Crow sisters lost their lives to see if the rumors are true... Are these woods haunted?

The Crow family has owned this land for generations, and the crow family has known tragedy for many many years. None of them were quite as shocking as the events of May 1791. On May 1 1791, the Crow sisters were visiting a family friend when they were attacked by a group of Native Americans and a white man believed to be William Spicer. The girls were taken captive for only moments before the men decided they were going to kill them. The 4 girls between the ages of 10 and 16 were attacked wit tomahawks, brutalized and massacred. Only one of the 4 girls was able to escape and make her way home to alert her family of the attack. In the end, the girls were memorialized on the rock from which their attackers were hiding. Their names are still carved into the rock to this day. The land is stained with the blood of the tragedy that has left a haunting mark on this land. It is believed that some who venture into the woods by themselves have come into contact with the ghosts of the Crow sisters. The story of hauntings have made the area infamous among locals because so many have had what they think are paranormal experiences. The screams of the girls are said to still echo through the trees to this day. Shadows and dark figures are also seen that people have speculated to be the spirits of Spicer and the Natives. We're not sure if this place is truly haunted, but there is only one way to find out.

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