The World's Largest Ouija Board At The Haunted Grand Midway Hotel

August 18, 2022 10:17 PM

About This Video

This video was uploaded to the YouTube channel Paranormal Quest in August 2022.

We stay the night in the Haunted Grand Midway Hotel, the building which holds the world record for largest Ouija Board! How haunted is this hotel? We will find out!

The Grand Midway Hotel was built in the 1880s to serve people traveling through Windber, Pennsylvania. This hotel quickly became an easy asylum for those who were hiding from criminal prosecution. Illegal gambling, illegal businesses, and at one time the hotel was even a secret brothel to serve the coal miners of Windber. Through its years, multiple mysterious deaths have occurred at the Grand Midway, making it rich with haunted history, and leading locals to believe the ghostly residents may still be staying here in these rooms. Blair Murphy purchased the Grand Midway Hotel in 2001 and decided to restore it while also use it as a safe haven for artists and their body of work. He has used many of the rooms to display artwork that other people would find weird or unusual. One of the art pieces that sparked interest and controversy alike still resides on the roof. A group of artists and paranormal enthusiasts gathered to paint the world's largest Ouija Board (or talking "spirit" board) on the roof of the Grand Midway Hotel, and it still today is documented in the "Guinness Book of World Records". Among the art pieces that have been brought into the hotel, some relics are believed to have ghosts, spirits, or energies attached to them and one room (The Canopy Room) is said to have 3 haunted objects that reside inside. The most controversial of all the rooms of the Grand Midway is up on the 3rd floor. For 2 years an artist named Dylan live in the room, painting giant portraits of demons, ancient god, and angels. Though most of the artwork was destroyed by the artist himself, many people were so terrified of the room that they nicknamed it "The Demon Room". At one point, Blair believed it was the most haunted room of the hotel (until the Canopy Room claimed the crown). Tonight, we will stay the night inside the Grand Midway Hotel to find out just how haunted this famous hotel really is!

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