This Haunted Axe Was Used To Kill Four People

December 05, 2020 8:02 PM

About This Video

This video was uploaded to the YouTube channel The Paranormal Files in December 2020.

This axe was used in a horrific crime to end the lives of 4 people... and the museum that it's in right now was once a poor farm AND a nursing home with a history of darkness. Watch as we spend the night in the most haunted building in Minnesota.

About The Paranormal Files

The Paranormal Files is a web series which explores all things paranormal, including spirits, religion, cryptids and even extraterrestrials. Over the years, lead investigators Colin Browen and his significant other Payton McWhorter have captured a number of extreme paranormal events on camera, including physical attacks, crystal clear spirit voices and even what appear to be apparitions on camera.

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