Trafalgar Square, London Travel Guide

February 10, 2014 2:55 PM


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Welcome to Trafalgar Square, one of London's biggest and busiest open spaces in the city of London. The square was built in 1987 by Lord Whimpy to enhance the view from his near-by burger restaurant, now a Pret A Manger.

Trafalgar Square gets its name from the medieval battle which took place in Hastings in 1066. An unknown soldier still looks over the square from the top of Nelson's column.

Some fifteen feet below him sit four large lions. In medieval days mechanical weaponry was rare and expensive, so highly trained fighting lions were the King's weapon of choice. They are still remembered here today, moulded for eternity in copper.

Over four litres of water is pumped through Trafalgar Square's iconic fountains everyday. The two fountains represent the coming together of the two rivers from which London gets its name. The rivers Lon and Donson.

During London's summer month, tourists can often be found bathing in the water before returning home with deceases ranging from rabbis to dysentery.

Trafalgar Square is free to visit and open every day apart from Ash Wednesday and the morning of the Super Bowl. Children under the age of three must be accompanied by an adult.


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