Trapped In Terrifying Skinwalker Cavern At Lovelock Caves

April 03, 2022 6:00 PM

About This Video

This video was uploaded to the YouTube channel Twin Paranormal in April 2022.

We hid from a skin walker inside of an ancient cave where cannibalistic giants once lived, can we unravel what really happened here centuries ago?!?

Lovelock Caves:

As legend has it this place was once home to a race of giants that would torment and even eat the local Native American tribes who also lived in that area. Not only that the story says that the native Americans got tired of sacrificing their people to these giants and decided to band together to fight them off, the giants supposedly retreated into this very cave. It was then the natives set fire to the cave killing the giants… Hundreds of years later the cave was excavated and over 60 bodies were discovered inside, even 2 bodies of giants over 8 feet tall! Now we find ourselves here out of curiosity to try and see if the dead can tell us what really happened here, but with rumors floating around that skinwalkers also call this place home, we are gonna have to be careful.

About Twin Paranormal

Ryan and River are twins who say they've always had something fallowing them. It all started in Reno NV when their parents moved them into a creepy old three-storey house. Rather than being scarred for life, the experience gave the brothers a passion for the paranormal, and now with the help of Nik and Wyatt, they've taken it upon themselves to find ultimate proof of the paranormal.

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