Wells, Somerset Travel Guide

January 02, 2015 7:36 PM


This week I’m in Wells, in Somerset, not to be mistaken with Wells in Somerset.

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You may think that this picturesque location is a town but it’s not a town, it's a city and that’s because it has a cathedral. In fact it’s the smallest city in the UK.

Wells Cathedral is actually relatively new, it was built in 2009. The architect, Mrs Maureen Tucker gave the finished building it’s “aged” look by dabbing the brick work with tea bags.

Many have accused Well’s residents of being xenophobic and intolerant of other cultures which is why it may surprise you that Wells was the first place in the UK to regular produce curry. The first one they brought out in England was the vegetable bhuna, other dishes followed in subsequent years.

No visit to Wells would be complete without a visit to Bakwell Manor, the former home of the late Mr Kipling. Guest to the manor house often report seeing the ghost of the famous baker who, in life, was exceedingly good at making cakes.


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