Woolacombe, Devon Travel Guide

November 28, 2014 7:36 PM


This week I'm in Devon in the coastal town of Woolacombe.

It may sound like a mental name for a town and in fact it is, the literal meaning of Woolacombe is Wool-a-combe. The town was built years ago by the Normans, a local family run building contractor managed by Martin Norman.

It may come as a bit of a surprise that Woolacombe's golden, sandy beach pre-dates the town itself and it stretches for literally mile... a mile. And it's the beach which has put Woolacombe on the map as a surfers' haven.

After a day buffing your board and riding the waves you'll probably want a drink and there is nowhere better, locally, than the Red Barn. Whether you want a traditional pub meal or just a satisfying pack of cheese and vinegar crisps, the Red Barn has it all making it a popular choice for the long-haired, hoody-wearing surfers.

No trip to Woolacombe would be complete without a visit to the Holiday Shop where you can buy ANOTHER holiday. And if that's not exciting enough ...ummm, that's it.

Getting to Woolacombe is easy, if you leave now you should be there by later today. Thanks to zero taxation on all alcohol following Devon's stand as an independent state, a pint of locally grown Swedish cider at the Red Barn costs just €1, interest-free credit is available at all beach-side car parks.


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