Find The Current Thickness Of The Veil & See Forecasted Paranormal Activity Levels

In the same way that the Earth's atmosphere protects us from dangerous cosmic rays from space, The Veil is an ethereal barrier that protects us from ghosts, demons and other entities from the spirit realm. At certain times of the year The Veil can be thinner thus letting more spirit energy bleed through into our physical plane of existence.

The tools below will show you the current Global Paranormal Threat Level based on the current strength of The Veil and give you a forecast of expected paranormal activity levels over the next ten weeks. This is based on statistical data relating to paranormal activity. You can also check to see what the threat level and Veil strength was on historical dates in the past.

Today The Veil Is At: 63.14%

Paranormal Threat Level: Moderate ‐ A chance of some isolated hauntings, and while not likely a minor psychokinetic event is possible.

Enter A Date

Find the paranormal threat level and the thickness of The Veil for any date. Future dates will give a forecast based on statistical data.

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Veil Strength: Next 10 Weeks

The chart below shows a forecast of The Veil's strength over the next ten weeks. Remember the weaker it is, the more likely it is that something could slip through from the other side.

  • 8 Aug 2022 ‐ Moderate 64.8%

  • 15 Aug 2022 ‐ Moderate 66.3%

  • 22 Aug 2022 ‐ Moderate 66.7%

  • 29 Aug 2022 ‐ Moderate 65.6%

  • 5 Sep 2022 ‐ Moderate 65.1%

  • 12 Sep 2022 ‐ Moderate 65%

  • 19 Sep 2022 ‐ Moderate 62.6%

  • 26 Sep 2022 ‐ Substantial 59.1%

  • 3 Oct 2022 ‐ Substantial 55.4%

  • 10 Oct 2022 ‐ Substantial 48.7%

How Does It Work?

Siren Alert Paranormal

We collected detailed Google search data from the last five years and extrapolated that data back even further. The data relates to the number of search queries that were made during each week of the year in connection to people reaching out for help with hauntings or paranormal activity.

We used this data to produced a baseline average value for paranormal activity for each week of the year. We then dug into the data a little deeper to determine the average change over our complete set of data. This figure allows us to build on our base average and extrapolate forward and backward in time, giving us an estimate or forecast of the amount of activity that might prompt a frightened internet search on that date.

As you might expect, the data shows that people get most freaked out and search for haunted house related issues most around Halloween. The number is much lower for the rest of the year, fluctuating slightly but mostly holding a consistent number of queries.

People often talk about The Veil, a metaphorical energy barrier that separates the world of the living and the spirit realm. So, we have assumed that the amount of ghost sightings and reports is inversely proportional to the thickness of The Veil. Therefor we are able to conclude from our search data that when people are searching for help with paranormal issues the most The Veil must be at its thinnest.

However, is The Veil between the worlds really thinning? Well, based on the data we've collected, no. It seems that actually The Veil is getting slightly stronger each year as the amount of people seeking help with spooks decreases. Perhaps the strength of The Veil is directly proportional to the amount of psychic energy produced by humans in the world. As the population increases, The Veil becomes thicker.

Of course when it comes to Halloween, the forces of darkness are still able to take a huge dent out of The Veil, knocking its strength some years down to as low as 30%, which triggers a "Severe" paranormal threat level. This means "there will be a high concentration of isolated hauntings and a major psychokinetic event is highly likely."

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