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Nettleden: Secret Underground Bunkers & Abandoned Places In The United Kingdom

Research and exploration of manmade and man-used underground places around the United Kingdom, including discussed stones quarries, mines, wartime subterranean factories and ammunition stores, Cold War nuclear hideaways, and modern day underground secrets.

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Featured Locations

On South Main Road approaching East Main Road. The fire exit signs are pointing to a passenger lift situated around the corner.

Burlington Bunker

The former emergency relocations site for the government in the event of nuclear attack, the site has been abandoned since the 1980s since which it...



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Full List Of Secret Bunkers & Derelict Places

  • Admiralty Citadel - Horse Guards Parade, London

    Admiralty Citadel

    A huge, protected Second World fortress right in the middle of Central London, sat in between Horse Guards Parade and Saint James's Park.

  • The former entrance to Strand Station.

    Aldwych Station

    Aldwych Station, originally know as Strand Station was closed in 1994. The disused street level entrance can still be seen on The Strand.

  • Abandoned shells outside the village of Monkton Farleigh.

    Ammo Case Valley

    A Second World War ammo dump, the valley was originally the entrance to Browns Folly Mine which was collapsed by the War Department.

  • Scotland's Secret Bunker

    Anstruther ROTOR

    One of the UK's biggest and most secret bunkers was hidden in the small Scottish town of Anstruther, near Troywood in Fife. Like Kelvedon Hatch, was...

  • Bethel Quarry

    Bethel Quarry

    A fairly small, single adit entrance Bath stone quarry, it's now used as a mushroom farm, it all spent some time as a Royal Naval storage depot.

  • Bootstrap Company Bunker

    Bootstrap Company Bunker

    A surviving WW2 underground bunker situated behind The Print House, the industrial space features 5 separate cavernous rooms. Untouched for over 60...

  • Box Quarry

    Box Quarry

    Box Quarry is an SSSI (Special Site of Scientific Interest) because of its national importance for hibernating and roosting bats. The bats must not...

  • Box Tunnel

    Box Tunnel

    A two mile long tunnel, built by Isambard Kingdom Brunel through Box Hill. Next to the eastern entrance of the tunnel you can see the remains of a a...

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