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Higgypop.com is a long-running website that covers recent ghost sightings, paranormal investigations, strange beliefs, secret societies, top secret underground bunkers and more, we are also the number one website for reviews of paranormal television shows and the home of the Paranormal Entertainment Awards.

Higgypop has also been producing content for YouTube since 2006 and in recent years has become best known as the go-to source for magical spells and potions.

All this is achieved through the support of the wider paranormal community, especially those based in the UK, and with the help of a handful of writers and contributors who make Higgypop.com a much-loved website for those looking for something a little different. Meet the team and check out some of their work below.

Meet The Writers

Steve Higgins


Originally from the South West of England, Steve now work out of London where he's been lucky enough to be able to hone his creative and online skills working with some of the biggest brands, companies and organisations in the world.

Steve is probably best know for the in...

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Gareth Bellamy


Sent back in time from the future to warn mankind of the error of their ways. Living with a 'wife', and three kids who claim they're mine.

Send help.

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Matt Scofield


Sometimes found in a radio studio, and always found with a torch in my hand. My love of the paranormal comes from memories of playing with my 'Ghostbusters' proton pack toy as a kid, and being terrified by BBC's infamous 'Ghostwatch'. Have my finger in a few most for...

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Frazer Lee


Frazer Lee's debut novel 'The Lamplighters' was a Bram Stoker Award finalist for 'Best First Novel' and a Book Pipeline finalist. His other published works include the Amazon No. 1 horror/thriller 'Panic Button: The Official Movie Novelization', novels 'The...

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Marshall Barnes


Marshall Barnes is an internationally noted research and development engineer, inventor, conceptual theorist, who specialises in temporal physics and advanced concept science and technology. He has interest in parallel universes and how they can help make time travel possible. also...

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Daily Horoscopes


Your affirmation of the day is... I love myself, and I accept myself, even when I do not understand myself. This is a special and critical message, called The Trust Formula. Repeat the formula any time you are tempted to... Read More

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