Steve Higgins

Steve Higgins is the founder of and a Digital Content Producer known online as a Master of the Dark Arts, paranormal writer, occasional urban explorer and former radio anorak.

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Originally from the South West of England, Steve now works out of London where he's been lucky enough to be able to hone his creative and online skills working with some of the biggest brands, companies and organisations in the world.

Steve is probably best know for his YouTube channel, HiggypopUK. He started the channel in 2006 and had some moderate success making videos which confuse, excite and entertain. Steve returned to YouTube in 2014 and his new strand of video content has been attracting even more attention than ever, especially his hugely popular potion videos.

During his YouTube hiatus Steve branched out in to blogging about the paranormal, urban exploration and other off-beat topics. Over several years this built up until became a fulltime creative outlet.

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Recent Posts By Steve Higgins

  • Poppy The Ghost Detecting Bear
    December 06, 2020

    Using A Teddy Bear To Hunt Ghosts

    A stuffed teddy bear with a built in ghost-detecting REM-Pod is a commonly used tool during paranormal investigations, it acts as an electronic trigger object.

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  • REM-Pod
    December 05, 2020

    What Makes A REM-Pod Go Off?

    Is it possible that a ghost could trigger a REM-Pod and what else might cause the paranormal detection tool to go off or give a false positive?

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  • Margam Castle
    September 15, 2020

    Ghost Hunting At Margam Castle

    Flying stones, creeping shadows, unexplained bangs and plenty of bats kept us on our toes as we hunted ghosts at the imposing Margam Castle, built within 50 acres of stunning parkland in Port Talbot, Wales.

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  • Richard Felix Execution Day At Derby Gaol
    September 08, 2020

    I Went To 'Execution Day' In Derby & It Was Brutal

    Richard Felix hosted a day of crime, punishment and execution at the historic Derby Gaol, with demonstrations of hangings, beheadings and lots of dark history.

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  • Ghost Light
    August 24, 2020

    Do Ghosts Reflect Light?

    Does light reflect off of the surface of ghosts making them visible to the human eye, or do spirits some how make themselves visible by some other method of illumination?

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  • Ouija Board Planchette
    August 23, 2020

    Ouija Boards: Top Reasons People Are Afraid Of Them

    People often say Ouija boards are dangerous, but outside of the world of Hollywood movies I can't think of a single time a Ouija board has done anyone any harm. so I asked for people's real life stories.

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