Unveiling Dunster Castle's Ghostly Secrets With Most Haunted Experience

By Steve Higgins
November 14, 2023 1:00 AM ‐ Paranormal Investigation ReportsMost HauntedParanormal
Dunster Castle
Nestled in the historic town of Minehead, Somerset, lies Dunster Castle. A National Trust property with a rich history stretching back to the medieval era, Dunster Castle recently became the focus of a ghost hunting event hosted by Most Haunted Experience (MHE), attended by 'Most Haunted' stars Karl Beattie and Stuart Torevell.

Dunster Castle, with its long lineage of the Luttrell family who converted the medieval stronghold into a family home, is steeped in tales of the paranormal. Sightings of a man dressed in green, the unexplained sound of marching, and glimpses of a bare foot in the kitchen area have intrigued staff and visitors alike. Voices of men and loud footsteps have been reported, and some have even encountered a man in military uniform, who vanishes before their eyes.

Our group's adventure began on a cold, dark night in the National Trust car park. A longer walk than you'd normally expect on these sorts of events led us to the castle gates, where we met the MHE team and other guests. We were then ushered up the rest of the way up the hill to the castle, and then up the spiral stairs of a turret to our base room.

Here, Karl and Stuart welcomed us to the event, and soon the lights were out, plunging us into darkness. Our first vigil took place in the breakfast room, where the entire group gathered. A large group vigil isn't the normal way MHE run their events, but I enjoyed it. I always feel that getting all the guests together at the start of the night is a good way to build the energy, in both the spiritual and excitement sense.

Karl and Stuart led this vigil, which results in some strange knocks and bangs that echoed through the room. I actually had an odd experience myself in this early part of the night. I heard distinct knocking sounds so clear and close that I momentarily thought I was unintentionally causing them. However, attempts to debunk this theory were futile and the source of the knocks remained a mystery.

The group then divided into two teams. My team stayed in the breakfast room, expanding our investigation into the adjoining dining room, while the other group ventured to the Victorian kitchen. Various paranormal-themed experiments ensued, including a session with a Ouija board. Although the board's movements were minimal, failing to spell out anything, the experience was still interesting as we witnessed the glass slowly move across and off the table, leaving us pondering - was it an impressive psychological trick, or something genuinely paranormal?
Most Haunted Experience At Dunster Castle

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Our journey continued through the castle, including a visit to the leather gallery and King Charles's bedroom. In both locations, odd knocks and bangs persisted. It was nice that the investigation wasn't particularly gadget heavy. Some guests did take the opportunity to use a K-II EMF meter or infrared thermometer, but most of what was experienced was in the form of more tangible auditory phenomena.

After returning to the base room for a break, which involved a snack in the form of a two-finger KitKat, we swapped locations with the other team, eager to explore new parts of the castle and its spectral secrets. The second half of our ghost hunt was equally charged with unexplained phenomena, maintaining the air of mystery that envelopes Dunster Castle.

My ghost hunting experience at Dunster Castle was a fun one, and while we didn't encounter the sort of paranormal activity that you might see in a Hollywood movie, the subtle activity we did witness was interesting. Was it the residual energy of the Luttrells, or something else entirely, that we encountered?

As the property is run by the National Trust, guests didn't have the same freedom as they might at some locations. There is no option to go off and explore the location in free time at the end of the night for example.

For those interested in exploring the shadows of history and the unexplained, a ghost hunt with Most Haunted Experience at Dunster Castle promises a night of unforgettable intrigue. For more details on future ghost hunting events and insights into the paranormal world, visit mosthauntedexperience.com.

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