Yvette Fielding Tells 'This Morning' Hosts She'd 'Love' To Investigate Television Centre

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Yvette Fielding On This Morning
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Yvette Fielding, known for her ghost hunting adventures on 'Most Haunted', was a guest this week on ITV's 'This Morning'. Speaking with hosts Dermot O'Leary and Alison Hammond, she admitted she would love to get the chance to investigate the iconic Television Centre for spectral presences and also discussed her latest venture, a book titled 'Most Haunted Theatres'.

Dermot, highlighting the rich history of the show's home, Television Centre, asked Yvette, "Are there any ghosts here?" The television ghost hunter, excited at the prospect of exploring the building with her team, said, "Oh, absolutely. There's bound to be." She went on to set the scene, describing an investigation with all lights off. Yvette said she was confident they would capture evidence in the famous former BBC building where Yvette made her name as a 'Blue Peter' presenter. "I bet we would get some great EVP... I reckon we could get some amazing voices and activity. It would be fabulous," she shared.

The conversation then shifted to Yvette's new book, 'Most Haunted Theatres'. Dermot described the book as having a 'Horrible Histories' vibe. He said, "Kids love being spooked, and they love history. And obviously, theatres are sort of such a huge part of our of our history in this country."

Yvette then spooked the ITV hosts with tales from her extensive experience in investigating theatres, like the eerie sighting of a ghostly pair of legs she and her team witnessed at the Theatre Royal in Drury Lane. Such stories, she explained, are the essence of her book, which targets not only children aged nine and above but also anyone with a fascination for the paranormal.

The conversation took a personal turn when Dermot recalled visiting Alison during her pantomime performance at the Birmingham Hippodrome, a venue ripe with history and, potentially, ghostly inhabitants. "I went to go and see this one [Alison] in panto at the Birmingham Hippodrome. Now, it's quite an old building," Dermot mentioned, setting the stage for a firsthand account of Alison's experiences.

Alison said she'd spent a lot of time alone in the dressing room, claimed to have felt nothing out of the ordinary, and admitted that she might not have let it get to her. Alison explained, "The thing is with me, Yvette, even if I did feel something, I would deny it and just go, 'Oh, it's someone next door.' I would never admit that there was a ghost because it would frighten me too much." Yvette told Alison, "There is supposed to be a presence there that makes you feel like someone's watching you, particularly in one of the dressing rooms."

You can watch Dermot and Alison's full interview with Yvette from 'This Morning' on Thursday, February 8 below...

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The chat continued with Alison asking Yvette about her enduring fascination with the paranormal, to which Yvette responded, "I just think the burning question is, what on Earth is this all about? Why are we here? And also, what happens to us when we die?" It's a query that haunts many of us, and Yvette's perspective highlights the deep-seated curiosity that drives the popularity of ghost hunting and paranormal investigations.

Yvette went on to share her personal transformation, stating, "I didn't believe in life after death before I did this. I honestly thought when you're dead, you're dead. and it really depressed me, it really got me down. And now I know after all the evidence and everything that I've seen, there is life after death." Her assertion that the experiences and evidence gathered through 'Most Haunted' have provided her with hope and a belief in life after death underscores the impact such investigations can have on individuals' worldviews.

Dermot, curious about Yvette's initial foray into the world of ghost hunting, asked, "What got you into it in the first place because, like you said, you came with it from a skeptical point of view?" Yvette's response revealed the serendipitous origins of 'Most Haunted'. She recounted a conversation with Karl, her husband, and the idea that sparked the creation of the show after watching 'Blair Witch'. "He said, 'would you spend the night alone in a haunted house?'... And that's how it came about, and the original title was 'Yvette's Haunting Truths,' obviously, 'Most Haunted' is a lot better because we changed the title," Yvette explained, offering an amusing insight into the brainstorming process that led to the show's inception.

Alison's then brought up another of Yvette's shows, 'Ghost Hunting With...', which saw her filming with various celebrities, including the Happy Mondays and Girls Aloud. Yvette then launched into an uncanny impression of another of the show's guests, Paul O'Grady, whom she fondly remembered as her "paranormal friend."

In a scouse, O'Grady-like accent, Yvette slowly drew out the words, "Yvette, don't you worry. Don't you worry, love. Anything happens, I'm with you." She then laughed, reminiscing about her time filming with the late television host, "He would be the first one out screaming, leaving me on my own."

These stories and more will feature in another new book from Yvette, her memoir entitled 'Scream Queen'. Yvette told viewers that the book will offer a wealth of behind-the-scenes insights. Her memoir will not just recount her early life and her career milestones, such as joining 'Blue Peter' and then 'Most Haunted', but will also unveil personal stories and challenges that she has not shared publicly before. From her daunting decision to resign from 'Most Haunted' due to overwhelming fear to the harrowing experiences of seeing friends physically harmed during investigations, Yvette's memoir promises to provide a raw, unfiltered glimpse into Yvette's journey.

'Most Haunted Theatres' is available now as a paperback or eBook for Kindle, while the memorise 'Scream Queen' is due for release in May and can be pre-ordered now.

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