Couple Talk About Their Three-Way Relationship With A Ghost On 'This Morning'

April 09, 2024 1:00 AM ‐ ParanormalGhostsTelevision
Rebekah Carmichael and Katherine Elaine on This Morning
Photo: © ITV
'This Morning' hosts Alison Hammond and Dermot O'Leary introduced viewers to an unusual relationship on ITV today. The midmorning duo spoke to Rebekah Carmichael and Katherine Elaine via a live video link from the United States. The topic was their unique living situation involving a ghost named Rupert from Wales, whom they consider a part of their relationship.

Speaking from North Carolina, the quirky couple shared their experience and insights into their relationship with Rupert, beside them was a third, seemingly empty chair set aside for Rupert, who the girls tell us is "here in spirit."

Rebekah begins by explaining how her relationship with Rupert began back in 2020, "Well, it started with me walking past a very haunted place later in the evening time, and he was concerned that I was walking home alone." She told Alison and Dermot that their meeting was very much accidental and only possible due to her open-minded nature.

Rebekah described Rupert's as tall, with "blind blue eyes," and showed the ITV hosts an AI-generated likeness of the spirit, which Alison and Dermot thought looked scarily similar to the show's resident vet, Dr. Scott Miller.

Dermot then asked about the nature of Rebekah's experiences with Rupert, whether they are visual or sensory. "It's a combination of different senses. I saw him with my physical eyes, which is called clairvoyance," Rebekah's explained. "It's a combination of different senses. I saw him with my physical eyes, which is called clairvoyance. I'm also clairsentient, so that's the ability to pick up on electromagnetic shifts or to actually feel like goosebumps, heat, or cold."

Rebekah clarified that it was like something inside of her saying, the combination of her psychic senses, telling her, "Something is there or someone is there."

Rebekah's ghostly relationship with Rupert was already established when she got together with Katherine, a paranormal investigator who used her collection of ghost-hunting gadgets to help Rebekah detect Rupert's presence. Katherine told Alison and Dermot that she was comfortable with the situation, "I was aware, and I was like, all right, I can handle this."

Discussing the dynamics of their relationship, Rebekah mentioned how each of them, including Rupert, fills her life in different ways. She said the three often hang out together, but that she also spends quality time with Rupert and Katherine on their own. She explained, "When I'm going on a walk, that's a time that I can spend with Rupert, and then coming back home, we can watch TV together, and sometimes we all hang out at the same time." Rebekah added, "We do have similar interests, we really enjoy going to historic places, and both of you fill my life in very different ways."

A curious Dermot then asked if Rupert could visit the 'This Morning' studio. He inquired, "Could he apparate in different places in your experience, or are ghosts stuck to the place that they inhabit?" Rebekah explained what she believes the limitations on a ghost's ability to travel to be, telling Dermot that Rupert would need an "anchor point" for travel, suggesting that Rupert couldn't easily "pop over" unless Alison or Dermot were a psychic medium.

Alison addressed the skepticism that many viewers were likely to be feeling, telling the couple "There's going to be people out there going, 'This is a bit odd'. What would you say to those people?"

Responding to this, Katherine drew parallels between their relationship with Rupert and the enduring love for deceased loved ones, suggesting a continuity of affection beyond death. Rebekah added, "Rupert and I have an understanding, he doesn't want to get in the way of my having a physical existence of living a full life."

The interview ended with words of support from Dermot and Alison, with Alison expressing a lighthearted interest in having her own spectral companion like Rupert. Dermot summed up, "Good for you, guys. You're happy, and you're not hurting anyone. You go live your lives."

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