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My Ghost Hunting Movie
May 28, 2023

Watch Steve Higgins' Solo Ghost Hunting Journey In 'My Ghost Hunting Movie'

Watch Steve Higgins break new ground with his solo venture, 'My Ghost Hunting Movie' filmed over one night at the Ancient Ram Inn and available now for free.


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Haunted Abandoned Hospital
May 06, 2023

What Did We Actually Achieve While Hunting Ghosts At A Haunted Former Hospital?

If we accept that the perceived ghostly activity during a paranormal investigation is real supernatural events, what do we achieve during our time in the dark?

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WowWee's MiP Robot Ghost Hunting
May 16, 2023

Testing The MiP Robot's Ghost Hunting Capabilities At Delapré Abbey

We put the MiP robot to work on a paranormal investigation at the haunted Delapré Abbey in Northampton, searching for ghostly interactions and movements.

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