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Rhod Gilbert's Work Experience - Paranormal Investigator
June 03, 2020

Did Rhod Gilbert Find Any Ghosts At A Haunted Welsh Theatre?

Rhod Gilberts exploration of the paranormal was easily one of the best ghost hunting shows ever aired and refresh change to the usual paranormal entertainment.

Crathes Castle, Scotland
May 30, 2020

20 Most Haunted Places In Scotland

There are a number of reportedly haunted locations in Scotland, from ancient castles to famous landmarks and tourist attractions, even hotels, bars and graveyards.

May 24, 2020

London Ghosts Quiz

With so many ghost stories relating to the historic city of London, how much do you know about the spooks that are said to haunt the nation's capital?

The Witching Hour - Argos Paranormal
May 25, 2020

'The Witching Hour' Returns With A Second Season

The Argos Paranormal team return with a second season of their award winning ghost hunting show, coming to streaming platforms and a selection of TV stations.

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Champness Hall, Rochdale
February 17, 2020

Ghost Hunting At Champness Hall

On Saturday night I was amongst the first to go searching for ghosts at Rochdale's Champness Hall with Most Haunted's Karl Beattie and Stuart Torevell.

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Cat Ball Paranormal Detection Ghosts
April 18, 2020

Can Ghosts Interact With Cat Balls?

How reliable are the light-up pet toys that ghost hunters use during paranormal investigations? Do the plastic balls really light up when a spirit is near?

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