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Ghost Hunting At The Skirrid Inn
August 15, 2022

Ghost Hunting At The Infamous Skirrid Mountain Inn

I joined paranormal events company, Haunted Happenings, for a night of ghost hunting at Wales' oldest and most haunted pub, The Skirrid Mountain Inn.


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Remote Viewing
August 10, 2022

Step-By-Step Guide To Experimenting With Remote Viewing

The seven steps required to put your psi abilities to use as a remote viewer and enable you to gain psychical insight into distant or otherwise unseen objects or places.



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Ghost Hunting At HM Dorchester Prison
July 27, 2022

Ghost Hunting At HM Dorchester Prison

I spent a night behind bars in a disused prison as I searched for the tortured souls of the long-dead inmates of the imposing HM Dorchester Prison.

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EMF Multi-Field Detector
July 19, 2022

How To REALLY Get To The Bottom Of EMF On A Ghost Hunt

The flashing lights of a K-II meter don't really tell you much about the electromagnetic field you've encountered, but here's how you can get a full understanding.

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