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Jacques F. Vallée & Paola Leopizzi Harris - TRINITY: The Best-Kept
October 02, 2022

New Book Reveals The Earliest Evidence Of US Government's UFO Recovery

Hard evidence has existed since 1945 for the actual recovery of unidentified flying craft in the United States, according to this new research book.


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Shock Docs: The Curse Of Robert The Doll
September 28, 2022

The Curse Of Robert The Doll Is Uncovered In A New 'Shock Doc' Special

This latest 'Shock Docs' instalment explores the origins of Robert the Doll, uncovers the story of his first owners in 1905, and seeks to find out why this doll is so nefarious.



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Ghost Hunting At The Skirrid Inn
August 15, 2022

Ghost Hunting At The Infamous Skirrid Mountain Inn

I joined paranormal events company, Haunted Happenings, for a night of ghost hunting at Wales' oldest and most haunted pub, The Skirrid Mountain Inn.

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Ouija Board
September 12, 2022

"The Sprits Are Messing With Us"

Stop making excuses for ghosts, the spirits aren't "messing with you," it's your ghost-hunting methodology that is flawed.

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