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Hollywood Paranormal Detectives
February 07, 2023

A Haunted High School In Nevada Tempts The 'Hollywood Paranormal Detectives' Back For An Overnight Visit

Hollywood Paranormal Detectives return to Goldfield, Nevada, a small and quiet town, to investigate the high school known for its intensity.


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Ghost Hunting At The Skirrid Inn
February 03, 2023

10 Most Fascinating Cemeteries Around The World

A journey through ten of the world's most fascinating cemeteries, showcasing their historical, architectural, and celebrity significance, plus their ghost stories.



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Ghost Hunting At The Skirrid Inn
August 15, 2022

Ghost Hunting At The Infamous Skirrid Mountain Inn

I joined paranormal events company, Haunted Happenings, for a night of ghost hunting at Wales' oldest and most haunted pub, The Skirrid Mountain Inn.

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Ouija Board
January 28, 2023

The Ouija Survey: Exploring Beliefs & Experiences

Help us unlock the mysteries of the Ouija board by taking our anonymous survey and sharing a little about your beliefs, experiences and opinions on these boards.

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