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HMP Shepton Mallet, Somerset
January 13, 2021

10 Haunted Locations Every Ghost Hunter Should Investigate

Ten creepy locations across the UK that every ghost hunter should visit at least once to conduct and paranormal investigation to test its haunted reputation.

Wentworth Woodhouse, Rotherham
January 09, 2021

Can You Identify These Haunted Locations From Above?

We've gather up some aerial photos of haunted locations across the UK to test your knowledge of paranormal hotspots. How many of the 20 places can you identify?

Haunted Towns In Engalnd
December 07, 2020

10 Most Haunted Towns & Cities In The UK

Great Britain is steeped in history with England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales each their own grim past and boasting plenty of hauntings, paranormal activity and ghost stories.

Jim Hopper - Stranger Things 4
January 07, 2021

David Harbour Says Season 4 Of 'Stranger Things' Is His Favourite

David Harbour who plays Jim Hopper in Netflix's 'Stranger Things' says that the upcoming fourth season of the show is his favourite due to his character's development.

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Warmley Clocktower, Bristol
October 06, 2020

Ghost Hunting With Barri Ghai At Warmley Clocktower

Find out what happened when I went ghost hunting with Barri Ghai, star of television show 'Help! My House Is Haunted' at a 250-year-old brass works in Bristol.

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Lens Flare Paranormal Causes
December 09, 2020

Orb, UFO Or Lens Flare: Explaining Photo Anomalies

Tips to make it easier to spot lens flares and give you the confidence to decide whether a light anomaly in a video or photo is something paranormal or a simple artefact caused by light reflecting in the lens.

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