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Ghostbusters - symmetrical book stacking
September 28, 2020

Real Ghost Hunters React To 'Ghostbusters'

Real life paranormal investigators Amy McCain and Frankie Fronk react to the original 1984 'Ghostbusters' movie and compare it to real ghost huntings methods.

Peter Antoniou - Séance: Ghosts Of Enfield
September 27, 2020

Take Part In A Mass Séance Live From Enfield This Halloween

Psychic performer, Peter Antoniou, is giving you the chance to be part of an interactive séance on Halloween night streamed live from the haunted London suburb of Enfield.

Haunted House
September 07, 2020

Are Locations Really Haunted Or Is It The Investigators That Are?

It's possible that the ghosts that haunted a location aren't spirits that are attached to the building at all, but are in fact entities that follow those who live or visit the place.

Ghost Nation: Reunion in Hell
September 22, 2020

'Ghost Nation' & 'Kindred Spirits' Join Forces For A Halloween 'Reunion In Hell'

A two-hour crossover special with the stars of Travel Channel's 'Ghost Nation' and 'Kindred Spirits' will air this Halloween as part of the network's Ghostober event.

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Margam Castle
September 15, 2020

Ghost Hunting At Margam Castle

Flying stones, creeping shadows, unexplained bangs and plenty of bats kept us on our toes as we hunted ghosts at the imposing Margam Castle, built within 50 acres of stunning parkland in Port Talbot, Wales.

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K-II EMF Meters Compared With TriField Meters
September 14, 2020

What Makes An EMF Detector Go Off?

Using electromagnetic field detection equipment to find out exactly what type of energy is setting off a K-II EMF meter during a paranormal investigation.

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