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Thermal Imaging Camera Paranormal
November 23, 2020

Thermal Imaging Cameras Cannot See Cold Spots

It's a common misconception that a thermal imaging camera can see paranormal cold spots at haunted locations, but these devices do not measure air temperature.

Paranormal Lockdown US: Old Chatham County Jail
November 19, 2020

Paranormal Lockdown US: Old Chatham County Jail

Nick Groff and Katrina Weidman become the first team to investigate a location riddled with phantom noises, as they lock down for 72 hours inside a haunted jail in Savannah, Georgia.

Mobile Phone Paranormal
November 14, 2020

Do Mobile Phones Dampen Paranormal Activity?

Can the electromagnetic field produced by a mobile phone or home WiFi block or drown out paranormal activity and reduce the number of ghost sightings?

Fred Batt Most Haunted
November 15, 2020

Most Haunted's Fred Batt Trivia Quiz

Find out how you know about Fred Batt's time with the Most Haunted team with these 20 taxing trivia questions about some of Fred's most memorable moments.

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Warmley Clocktower, Bristol
October 06, 2020

Ghost Hunting With Barri Ghai At Warmley Clocktower

Find out what happened when I went ghost hunting with Barri Ghai, star of television show 'Help! My House Is Haunted' at a 250-year-old brass works in Bristol.

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Praise Worship Psychic Hand
November 06, 2020

Should Spirits Be Moved On Without Permission From The Venue?

Spiritual mediums occasionally use their psychic abilities to help spirits they encounter cross over, but is this practice an ethical one when the property's owner isn't informed?

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