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Richard O'Connor - Paranormal Burton-Upon-Trent
April 12, 2024

Explore The Haunted Locales Of Burton-Upon-Trent In Richard O'Connor's New Book

In 'Paranormal Burton-upon-Trent', Richard O'Connor, a sceptical yet experienced paranormal investigator, guides readers through the haunted locales of Burton and its neighbouring parishes


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April 08, 2024

How To Conduct A Séance & Master The Basics Of Spirit Communication

Séances have been part of human culture for centuries and are the practice of sitting together in a quiet, often dimly lit room in an attempt to reach out to the spirit world.



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The Coffin Works, Birmingham
January 31, 2024

I Spent The Night In A Haunted Coffin Factory

A unique blend of industrial heritage, paranormal intrigue and the macabre at Birmingham's Coffin Works set the stage for a memorable night of ghost hunting.

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Jon Ronson's For The Love Of... Ghosts
April 03, 2024

Revisiting Jon Ronson's 'For The Love Of... Ghosts'

In 1997, Channel 4 broadcast 'For The Love Of... Ghosts', a late-night show where Jon Ronson chaired a discussion on ghost hunting and paranormal experiences.

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