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The Haunted Museum, Nottingham
December 07, 2022

Nottingham's Haunted Museum Moves To New Home On Derby Road

One of the UK's best-known paranormal attractions, the Haunted Museum in Nottingham, is set to relocate to a new shop on Derby Road in January 2023.


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Ghosts Christmas Special 2022
December 03, 2022

'Ghosts' Returns To BBC One For A Special Festive Episode

The residents of Button House, living and dead, will come together this December on BBC One and iPlayer for a special festive episode.



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Ghost Hunting At The Skirrid Inn
August 15, 2022

Ghost Hunting At The Infamous Skirrid Mountain Inn

I joined paranormal events company, Haunted Happenings, for a night of ghost hunting at Wales' oldest and most haunted pub, The Skirrid Mountain Inn.

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Ouija Board Audio Microphone
November 21, 2022

New Audio Format Could Be The Future Of EVP Research

EVPs can sometimes be a little hard to hear in recordings, but a new standard in audio might change all that, making it easier than ever to analyse audio clips.

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