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    How To See Santa Claus On Christmas Eve

    December 07, 2017 4:10 PM

    Everybody knows that on Christmas Eve Santa starts his journey to deliver gifts to boy and girls around the world. I'm sure you've received presents from him in the past yourself, but have you ever stayed awake to try and see him? This can actually be pretty hard to do and in this video I'll show...

  • How To See The Elf On The Shelf Move At Christmas

    November 30, 2017 4:10 PM

    You've probably heard of the Elf on the Shelf, they appear in homes around the world before Christmas and keep an eye on you to make sure you're behaving. Perhaps you've seen an elf hiding in your house and you've wished you could see it move, well I'm going to try to find away.

  • How To Get Rustican Barbantiun - Potion Ingredient

    November 23, 2017 5:18 PM

    One ingredient I get asked about a lot is rustican barbantiun. So what is this magical ingredient and where does it come from? In this video I'll tell you the full history of this special ingredient.

  • How To Make A Potion To Bring Ghosts To Your House

    November 16, 2017 5:13 PM

    If you've ever wanted to live in a haunted house, then in this video I'll show you how to make a potion to summon ghosts. I'm using this ghost detector to monitor paranormal activity while I make the potion... You'll need the following ingredients... - Almeran dust - Morebequitty - Roovens - - a...

  • Spawn A Spider With A Minecraft Potion In The Real World

    November 09, 2017 3:37 PM

    If you're a fan of Minecraft then you might want to spawn mobs in the real world, in this video I'm going to show you how to spawn a spider using a few simple ingredients... ... Water - Spider web - Fermented spider eye - Golden Carrot - Dragon's Breath...

  • How To Get To The Upside Down From Stranger Things

    November 02, 2017 4:02 PM

    If you'd like to get in the realm known as the upside down then first you'll need to establish if there's a festering gateway near by, the easiest way to do this is with a compass or with a kind of light-powered ouija board... Then you'll need to brew a potion to open the gate using the following...

  • The Cursed Potion Lab - Halloween 2017

    October 26, 2017 9:23 PM

    I'm starting to think my potion lab might be haunted, so in this video I'm going to try to communicate with his spirit. This is a dark ritual which can only be performed at midnight on Halloween when there’s a full moon... To do this I'm going to mark out a protective circle on a table top, then...

  • Real Haunted House Footage

    October 25, 2017 10:00 AM

    A video which was submitted to us, the guy shot this two minute video during a walk around his house on a very active evening. If real, the video seems to show banging, poltergeist activity and even a partial manifestation.

  • Voodoo Curse: How To Hex Your Friends & Family

    October 19, 2017 3:03 PM

    In this special Halloween video I'm going to show you how to curse someone using a voodoo doll and a powerful hex potion... First take your cauldron and drop in the following ingredients:... Three pumpkin seeds... crow's feather - Three hairs from a dog's back... A splash of black death Then take...

  • How To Make A Bat-Bogey Hex Potion

    October 14, 2017 12:30 AM

    In this video I'll show you how to hex your enemies with a bat-bogey curse which will make bats fly from their nose, it's perfect for halloween. You'll just need a few ingredients. The first of which I bought off of a mysterious man, I'm not sure what it's called but its said to be powerful The...

  • How To Make A Drink Of Despair Potion

    October 05, 2017 8:35 PM

    As it's the month of halloween things are getting a little creepier as we make the drink of despair. You'll need to place your cauldron over a dark flame and add the following ingredients... ... Rat's blood... pinch of salt... sancton shell - Ground ginger... Then get a cup and scoop out some of a...

  • Higgypop Potions Top 10 Recipes Autumn 2017

    September 28, 2017 7:26 PM

    Here are my top ten potions for autumn 2017 🍁 🍂 10. Money Tree Potion 9. Tropical Rainforest Potion 8. Sleeping Potion 7. Butterfly Potion 6. Anti-Monster Spray 5. Real Bloody Mary Ritual Caught On Camera 4. Seed Of A Man-Eating Plant 3. Zombie Potion 2. Potion To Turn You Into A Boy 1....

  • How To Make A Zombie Potion

    September 21, 2017 5:10 PM

    In this video I'll show you how to make a potion to turn you into a zombie so you can start a plague, walk really slowly and live forever. You'll need a few simple ingredients... ... A toadstools - Rotten flesh - t-Virus... withered skull - Marshmallows... radioactive source Stir your mixture and...

  • How To Make A Potion To Grow A Man-Eating Plant

    September 14, 2017 2:41 PM

    In this video I'll show you how to brew a potion to magic up a seed to grow your own man eating plant. Killer plants are great as a pet or to guard your home. You'll need these simple ingredients... ... Water... piece of silver - Foxbalm - Blood... shrunken skull Your potion will start to vent a...

  • How To Make An Anti-Monster Spray Potion

    September 07, 2017 2:54 PM

    Are you worried that monster might be creeping into your bedroom at night? Well here's how you can brew your own anti-monster spray. You'll need the following ingredients... ... Some holy water - Mistletoe - Wolfsbane - Garlic - Conkers - Acorn Then light a flame underneath your cauldron and heat...

  • How To Make A Sleeping Potion

    August 31, 2017 4:13 PM

    In this video I'll show you how to make a powerful sleeping potion to help you get to sleep. First place you cauldron over a bunsen burner and add the following ingredients... ... Fortified dragon's blood... small quantity of owl's tears... dash of listrick mordova - 4/5 corvenberries... few drops...

  • How To Make A Butterfly Potion

    August 24, 2017 1:45 PM

    In this video I'll show you how to make a potion to transform you into a butterfly so you can live a magical life surrounded by nature. Butterflies are mysterious creatures, no one's really sure where they came from, all we know is that when they grow up they become bird... Once you've set up your...

  • Real Bloody Mary Ritual Caught On Camera

    August 17, 2017 3:34 PM

    Bloody Mary is a very old ritual, that dates back to an evil black magic witch called Mary Worth. It's believed the she died in front of a mirror and now shows herself to those who summon her... If you're feeling brave and want to try Bloody Mary for yourself, then first you'll need to find a the...

  • How To Make A Potion To Turn You Into A Boy

    August 10, 2017 3:10 PM

    In this video I'll show you how to make a potion to transform from being female to male. You'll need to place your cauldron over a bunsen burner and then add the following ingredients... - A slug... snail... puppy dog's tail... double-A battery - Some milk... splash of water Then light the flame...

  • How To Become A Mermaid

    August 03, 2017 4:58 PM

    In this video I'm going to show you four different ways to become a mermaid so you can follow your dreams and live in the ocean... The four techniques include a natural recipe using ingredients which can be easily found but the potion is hard to make as it is powered by strong wishes... There's a...

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