I Took My Family To The Most Haunted House - 30 East Drive

December 17, 2023 9:00 PM

About This Video

This video was uploaded to the YouTube channel The Ouija Brothers in December 2023.

I return to 30 East Drive for the first time in 2023, and this time I'm bringing some backup.

We have decided to go on a family vacation inside the UK's Most Haunted house.

We do a mix of lone vigils, experiments and use locked-off cameras to capture all the paranormal activity that we encounter.

Music by @ShockHRz

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00:00 Intro

03:39 UK's Most Haunted House

09:11 GhostTube Seer

18:28 Home Alone

25:38 Paranormal Activity

28:12 Caught on Camera

31:22 Paranormal Investigation

39:47 Real Paranormal

42:39 Sam & Colby

48:37 Night Time


#paranormal #haunted #ghost


I Took My FAMILY To The MOST HAUNTED House - 30 East Drive

About The Ouija Brothers

The Ouija Brothers are a small team of paranormal investigators from Wolverhampton/Walsall searching for the truth with a bit of banter along the way.

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