Jo Wood Wishes Aliens Would Come And Sort The Planet Out

March 29, 2022 1:00 AM ‐ UFOsTelevision

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Jo Wood, Alien Nation
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Podcast host and UFO enthusiast, Jo Wood, appeared on 'This Morning' to talk about her multiple close encounters with the third kind and how she believes that she's actually seen more than one UFO.

The 'Alien Nation' host, joined Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby to celebrate the start of of UFO Week, a week-long celebration being hosted by television channel Blaze this week.

Joining Phillip and Holly on the famous sofas, Jo explained how she got interested in the unexplained. She said, "it sort of stems back from when I was a kid and my dad was reading the Sunday magazine and it had excerpts from the book 'Chariots Of The Gods'."

The 1968 book by Erich von Däniken, which poses a theory that the technologies and religions of many ancient civilisations were given to them by ancient alien visitors who were welcomed to Earth as gods.

The former wife of The Rolling Stones guitarist Ronnie, continued, "fast forward till about 18 years ago and I was on holiday with Ronnie and the kids, and I was packing and it was at night. He said 'quick, come and see, there's these weird lights over the sea'. So, I went outside and there was over the sea this thing hanging there and the lights going down onto the water and then he ran in to get his glasses and it lifted, went to the right and then shot across the sky."

A fascinated Holly said, "that's an unusual movement you can't explain." She added, "I mean a plane doesn't move like that." Holly then asked Jo about another alien encounter she'd had while on a plane herself.

Jo recalled, "my son Tyrone said 'mum, look out the window and this greeny-bluey orb flew right down the side of the plane' and we were thirty-four thousand feet." Jo said she wasn't scared by the sighting, but confessed, "I was like fascinated because I love it all, you know."

A rational Phillip then chipped in, "it is extraordinary that you see, you know, you see these sorts of things and it doesn't necessarily mean to say that they are aliens, they are just unidentified objects." Phillip then talked about the Pentagon's recent report on UFOs. He said, "the US government continued to research the unexplained, $22 million over five years." But he asks Jo if she thinks they are still hiding something.

Jo said, "the Pentagon released them and they said they called them Tic Tacs because they look like Tic Tacs and they could move in such a way. They can go any which way and then shoot off at unbelievable speeds and the pilot are they're going 'what the hell is this? what the hell is this?' and then the government admitted, 'yes, these are unidentified flying objects'."

Although, in the official report they are referred to as UAPs (Unidentified Aerial Phenomena) and the government are careful to state, that although they can't rule out the possibility entirely, there's no reason to think that these objects are of extraterrestrial origin.

But Jo seems convinced. She said, "when you think the universe is so big, it would be awful if we were alone."

A curious Holly, asked, "do you believe that they are amongst us? I mean because that's one of the other documentaries as well, is that it's saying that they have lied about alien presence on Earth."

Jo enthusiastically answers, "yes, I'm sure because if you've got the technology to go through space and time, you can come down here." She continued, "I think there are many different aliens, different beings, there's too many planets out there for them to be one lot."

Phillip said to Jo, "if you look at the pig's ear we're making of this planet, you think is this the best there is in the entire universe? You'd hope that someone was here making a better job of it." Jo said, "I really wish the aliens would come and sort it."

Holly then wanted to know why there isn't any undeniable proof of alien visitations given that we live in a world where everyone has a high-quality camera in their pocket all the time. She asked Jo, "so much stuff is videoed and documented all the time, why are we not seeing more?"

But Jo said, "well, you're not following the right ones are you. I mean, I follow loads of UFO sites and on Instagram, on Twitter. I follow loads of things and I look at some and say 'no, that looks like it's fake', but some of them are unexplainable. You just don't know."

Phillip agreed, "you've got to keep an open mind because you just don't know."

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