Phillip & Holly Meet The Real-Life Addams Family

October 10, 2022 10:00 PM ‐ Television

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Jon Paul Kenny & Kymmi Jeffrey On This Morning
Photo: © ITV
Midmorning presenters Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby met a family who spend their spare time hunting for ghosts and attempting to speak to spirits, a lifestyle that has led to many people dubbing them the real-life Adams Family.

Jon Paul Kenny and Kymmi Jeffrey arrived in the ITV studio with their two young daughters in a very unique family car, a black funeral hearse, before joining Phillip and Holly on the famous sofas for a chat.

Jon says they've always had an interest in ghosts and spirits. He told Phillip and Holly, "since we were young we've always been called weird, been into the into the paranormal and into the ghosts, but then we met each other, and then obviously met someone with the same interest and it's just gone from there."

The creepy and kooky couple have turned their passion for things that go bump in the night into a business called Occult Hauntings. Kymmi explains to a curious Phillip, "we offer ghost events, sleepovers". They take their guest to very creepy locations across the UK, including the infamous 30 East Drive, which Jon says is "the most haunted house".

He goes on to tell ITV's award-winning daytime duo about their little pink ghosts, "we've got a spirit attachment, which we see around the house, likes to play with all the toys." The couple say that they treat this spirit, which they believe to be the ghost of a child, as one of their own offspring.

Jon added, "she makes herself known, we can feel her presence. We don't know her name and we've not spoken to her, but we do feel a presence, like we've just got a new house and in that new house there's no history but things happening." But it seems the spirit's attachment is so strong, it didn't just follow them to their new home but could also be in the studio with them right now.

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Jon Paul Kenny & Kymmi Jeffrey On This Morning
Photo: © ITV

When the mysterious and spooky couple decided to buy a second family car, fittingly they opted for a hearse. Holly clarified, "you decided to buy this, which is a hearse and you loved it so much, thought it's so comfortable that you use it now all the time." She asked, "what sort of reaction do get, because you take this to the supermarket, you've even gone through the McDonald's Drive Thru?"

Kymmi tells the midmorning presenters, "yeah I take it shopping, I like to put a lot of my dresses in there, we take it on a weekly shop as well." Kymmi adds that the car is very practical with plenty of space in it.

We then hear how Jon and Kymmi's kids love to join them on ghost hunting events and have even seen some spooky activity for themselves, but voice of reason, Phillip, asked "there are obviously going to be people watching who'll say 'not appropriate to take your kids on stuff like this', what do you say to them?" Kymmi replied, "well, we love it, and the girls love it, and the girls aren't scared, and they want to do it."

Jon adds, "it's good for the kids to grow up not having that fear. Obviously we don't do the Ouija boards and all the top end stuff, but we just go into different venues and we show them there might be spirits around them and there's no need to be scared."

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