'Ghost Adventures' Returns With An All-New Season This May

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Ghost Adventures 2024
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Zak Bagans and the 'Ghost Adventures' team kick off an all-new season coming this May with a two-hour investigation in a Utah Town with startling skinwalker sightings and an ancient supernatural history.

Zak, along with Aaron Goodwin, Billy Tolley and Jay Wasley investigate more chilling cases of ghostly phenomena when the hit series returns on Wednesday, May 15 on Discovery Channel in the United States, and streaming on Max. The series, which has previously been shown on Travel Channel and Discovery+, made the move to Discovery and Max last year.

This season documents some of the team's most haunting encounters yet, including sinister Skinwalkers and an unprecedented first-ever investigation of the iconic Los Angeles Hospital.

On a quest to document proof of the afterlife, the 'Ghost Adventures' crew travels to haunted locations where they meet with locals, eyewitnesses and experts to piece together the haunted history of each site. Using the latest scientific gadgets and technology, they initiate an immersive lockdown investigation to capture physical evidence of the paranormal and gain a better understanding of each supernatural mystery.

In the two-hour season opener, 'Skinwalker Invasion,' Zak and the team head to the remote town of Torrey, Utah, where disturbing reports of Skinwalker sightings have left a family in fear. Treading upon sacred ground, with the help of Native American practitioners, they explore whether the recent appearance of these deadly shape-shifting creatures is a result of the misuse of Native American artefacts or if they were summoned. Investigating the area's buildings and natural foothills, they find themselves caught in a battle between dark spirits and an ancient energy.

"This season begins with one the most surreal investigations we've ever done," said Zak. "The activity the team and I witnessed in and around Torrey, Utah, was terrifying. There is an incredibly old and intense energy permeating the area that has created a vortex of paranormal activity of both the human and non-human kind."

Upcoming episodes include the first-ever paranormal investigation of the historic Los Angeles Hospital, where thousands of deaths have left a disturbing energy roaming its abandoned halls; an Arizona hotel connected to one of America's most violent gangsters and plagued by poltergeist activity; an Old West town haunted by a blood-soaked curse and a former brothel overrun with dark spirit activity.

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