Paranormal Television Quiz

June 01, 2024 1:00 AM ‐ GamesParanormalTelevision
Paranormal Television
How much do you know about the stars of the biggest paranormal reality shows? From 'Most Haunted' to 'Ghost Adventures', and featuring names like Ian Lawman and Katrina Weidman, this quiz will test your TV knowledge.

1. Which of these is a former member of the 'Ghost Adventures' team?

2. Who did Ian Lawman replace in 'Help! My House Is Haunted?'

3. Which of these American paranormal shows had a British spinoff series?

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4. Barri Ghai first appeared in which of these paranormal reality shows?

5. Which of these was NOT a resident parapsychologist on 'Most Haunted'?

6. Which paranormal series did Jason Hawes appear in?

7. Who was the host of the short-lived British series 'Ghost Chasers'?

8. Which of these investigators featured in the Netflix series '28 Days Haunted'?

9. Which psychic medium does 'Dead Famous', 'Spooked Scotland' and 'Psychic Kids' have in common?

10. After leaving 'Most Haunted' what show did Derek Acorah go on to host?

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11. Which of these psychic mediums did NOT appear regularly in 'Portals To Hell'?

12. Who stars alongside Adam Berry in 'Kindred Spirits'?

13. Which of these is NOT a spinoff of 'Ghost Adventures'?

14. Which of these investigators has appeared alongside Zak Bagans in the most episodes of 'Ghost Adventures'?

15. Who co-hosted 'Portals To Hell' with Katrina Weidman?

16. Which of these paranormal shows has psychic medium Chip Coffey NOT appeared in?

17. Who are the 'Ghost Brothers'?

18. Which of these is NOT an investigator who featured in 'Ghost Hunters'?

19. Who was Chris Fleming's cost host in 'Spooked Ireland'?

20. Which of these shows has Katrina Weidman NOT appeared in?


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