Past-Life Regression Quiz

May 06, 2024 1:00 AM ‐ ParanormalGames
Past-Life Regression
From the historical figures who have popularised the technique in modern times to the deep, introspective techniques used during sessions, this quiz covers the beliefs underpinning past-life regression and the psychological phenomena that could explain the vivid memories some individuals recall.

1. What method is commonly used in past-life regression therapy?

2. Who is often credited with popularising past-life regression in the 20th century?

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3. What psychological phenomenon might explain the "memories" recovered through past-life regression?

4. Which technique is NOT commonly used in past-life regression?

5. What belief influences the concept of past-life regression?

6. Which British paranormal reality show often features past-life regression as means to uncover detail about a location's history?

7. What do investigations into past-life regression memories often reveal?

8. In which spiritual tradition is the deity Meng Po associated with the erasure of past life memories?

9. Who first developed the use of hypnosis for past-life regressions?

10. What state is a person typically in during a past-life regression session?

11. A clairvoyant or psychic medium is needed to conduct a genuine past-life regression session.

12. What type of professional typically conducts past-life regression sessions?

13. According to past-life regression theory, what is the term for issues in the present life that stem from past-life experiences?

14. What's name is given to the idea that a person might be living multiple lives at once?

15. What therapy technique is similar to past-life regression in its use of a relaxed, trance-like state?


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