Extrasensory Perception (ESP) Quiz

May 04, 2024 1:00 AM ‐ ParanormalGamesPsychic Readings
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From telepathy to psychometry, test your knowledge on the psychic world with these 20 tricky questions and find out how much you know about the range of psychic abilities that fall under the umbrella of extrasensory perception.

1. What can telepathic communication involve the sending or receiving of?

2. Which famous psychiatrist proposed the concept of a collective unconscious potentially explaining telepathy?

3. What is the ability to perceive memories or energies from objects through touch called?

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4. Which of these is NOT a term used to describe the ability to move or manipulate objects without physical interaction?

5. Which of these is psychokinesis also said to be able to influence besides moving objects?

6. What is the literal translation of the term "clairvoyance"?

7. Which government project investigated ESP phenomena during the Cold War era?

8. What is the literal translation of the term "clairaudience"?

9. How do clairaudients often receive insights?

10. What does the term "claircognisance" mean?

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11. What is ESP often referred to as?

12. What is the opposite of precognition?

13. What is Rupert Sheldrake's theory that could explain ESP abilities?

14. What research program aimed to study the effects of the mind on physical systems, including ESP?

15. What is clairsentience?

16. What is the term for the ability to perceive events before they happen?

17. Which famous paranormal researcher is known for his studies on ESP?

18. Which psychic ability involves hearing voices or sounds from the spirit world?

19. Which of these symbols would you NOT find on a Zener card?

20. Which of the following is not considered a form of ESP?


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