Haunted Forests Of The World Quiz

March 30, 2024 1:00 AM ‐ ParanormalGames
Suicide Forest in Aokigahara Jukai, Japan
Photo: © Simon
Explore the eerie depths of the world's most haunted forests with our tricky trivia quiz. Each question tests your knowledge of a world where legends lurk and spirits whisper. From ghostly figures to mythical beasts, these forests are shrouded in mystery. Will you brave the journey to uncover their secrets?

1. In which country is the Hoia Baciu Forest, known for its dense woods and unsettling tales of unexplained phenomena and ghost sightings?

2. Which creature is most closely associated with the Pine Barrens of New Jersey?

3. Which tragic event is said to have left behind moans and cries at the Naworth level crossing in Miltonrigg Woods?

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4. Which historical figure associated with Bristol's history is said to haunt Leigh Woods?

5. What mythical creatures are said to roam the Black Forest in Baden-Württemberg, Germany?

6. What paranormal entity has been sighted in Dow Hill Forest, surrounding the Victoria Boys School in Kurseong, India?

7. What is said to haunt Old House Woods in Diggs, Virginia?

8. The Dering Woods in Kent are also known by what eerie nickname?

9. Wistman's Wood is known for the ghostly sightings of which animal, among other paranormal phenomena?

10. Which of these weird phenomenon has been linked with Cannock Chase?

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11. La Isla de las Muñecas is famous for what unusual decoration?

12. England's Epping Forest is notorious for ghost sightings. Which of the following figures is most famously reported to haunt this ancient woodland?

13. Bisham Woods in Marlow is haunted by the ghost of which figure, who is said to roam both the abbey and the woods trying to wash the blood from her hands?

14. Pembrey Woods is notorious for the ghosts of which group of people, among others?

15. What phenomenon occurs within the Devil's Tramping Ground in Chatham County, North Carolina?

16. Freetown-Fall River State Forest is known for sightings of what cryptic creature?

17. Who is the ghost that confronted her husband in Wychwood Forest, predicting his death?

18. Which haunted forest is known as Japan's suicide forest?

19. What is the name of the ghost that is said to haunt the woodland around Brown's Folly near Bath?

20. What is the name given to the ghost of a local man who disappeared without a trace whose ghost has been reported by visitors to Randolph Forest in Maine?


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