Paranormal Terms & Definitions Quiz

May 12, 2024 1:00 AM ‐ ParanormalGamesGhostsGhost Hunting
Dictionary Definition
This quiz is designed to challenge your knowledge of various terms commonly used in the field of paranormal investigations. Each question will test your familiarity with the vocabulary and concepts that ghost hunters and enthusiasts frequently encounter.

1. What is apport?

2. Astral projection refers to:

3. What is a banshee traditionally associated with?

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4. Cat balls are used in ghost hunting as:

5. Direct voice phenomenon involves:

6. A doppelgänger is:

7. Elementals are believed to:

8. An EM pump is used to:

9. The Estes Method, used in paranormal investigations, is best described as:

10. What does a geophone detect in paranormal investigations?

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11. Hydromancy involves:

12. Instrumental Trans-Communication (ITC) is a term for:

13. A laser grid helps investigators detect:

14. Occam's Razor advocates:

15. Orbs in paranormal investigations are commonly believed to be:

16. What does pareidolia describe?

17. Which type of ghost is most often associated with violent, physical activity?

18. What does precognition involve?

19. What does psychokinesis allow a person to do?

20. How is psychometry used in paranormal investigations?


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