World Of The Unknown: UFOs Quiz

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'The World of The Unknown: UFOs'
Do you remember the thrill of discovering Usborne's 'The World Of The Unknown: UFOs', the definitive guide to the extraterrestrial for any kid growing up in the 70s and 80s? It was an adventure that took us beyond our bedrooms and into the vastness of space. But, how much of that adventure do you truly remember? Dive back into those memories with 20 challenging questions based on the iconic content of this classic book.

1. According to the section on types of UFOs, what type of craft is egg-shaped?

2. Whose UFO sighting in 1947 result in the term "flying saucer" being coined?

3. The book shares a theory that the stone heads on which pacific island could be examples of alien technology?

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4. As a demonstration of 'pyramid power', the book suggest trying to preserve which of these food items inside a paper model pyramid?

5. What name does the book give to a mass UFO sighting that was witnessed in 1952?

6. In which English county did two police officers witness a "flying cross" in the sky in 1967?

7. The book tells us that Allen Hynek defined how many 'kinds' of close encounter?

8. What was the name of the US Air Force's official UFO research project?

9. What did some UFO researchers apparently believe about the moon?

10. Which of these was NOT an 'odd aircraft' depicted in the book?

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11. In the 'UFOs On Screen' page, we're shown a spacecraft belonging to which 'Star Trek' species?

12. Which of these is not listed in the book as something that has been mistaken for UFOs?

13. According to the book, which celestial body is the most common explanation for misidentified UFO sightings?

14. What name was given to a tiny goblin witness by a farming family in Kentucky in 1955?

15. The book discusses speculative alien life forms, which of the following creatures is NOT featured as a possible inhabitant of another planet?

16. Which celebrity wrote the foreword for the 2020 re-release of the book?

17. What was the name of the police officer who reported seeing an egg-shaped saucer in New Mexico in 1964?

18. Which of these is the title of a section in the book?

19. What term does the book use to describe peaks in UFO sightings?

20. The book calls out whose UFO photograph as a fake?


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