Elemental Hauntings Quiz

May 27, 2024 1:00 AM ‐ GamesParanormal
Elementals, beings connected to the classical elements, are often depicted as the guardians of the natural world, each type possessing unique characteristics and powers. Test your knowledge on these intriguing entities with this tricky trivia quiz about elementals and their roles in various belief systems and traditions.

1. What classical element is associated with gnomes?

2. Which elemental is said to dwell in water?

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3. What is NOT a typical manifestation of elementals?

4. Which elemental is associated with fire?

5. What belief system incorporates the concept of elementals in contemporary times?

6. What type of elemental is associated with air?

7. Which Irish castle is famous for its reputed elemental haunting?

8. Which of these is NOT an element traditionally associated with a specific type of elemental in classical mythologies?

9. According to some traditions, what should you do to gain favour with an elemental?

10. Elementals are often invoked in which type of magic practice?

11. According to some beliefs, what can provoke an elemental to cause trouble?

12. Which of these activities are pixies said to be fond of doing?

13. Which of these is NOT one of the classical elements?

14. Which of these paranormal reality television shows has NOT investigated the elemental at Leap Castle?

15. What is the name given to an artificial elemental, a thought-form created by humans?


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