'Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire' Quiz

March 23, 2024 1:00 AM ‐ GamesMoviesParanormal
Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire
'Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire' brings fans a four-fold expansion of busting lore, with new ghosts, new gadgets, new characters, and even a new secret base. With so much packed into the movie, how much did you pick up on? Test your knowledge with our tricky 'Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire' trivia quiz.

1. What is the license plate of Ray's motorcycle and sidecar combo?

2. Which of the New York Public Library lions does Phoebe destroy with her neutrona wand?

3. Which of these 'cool' phrases does Phoebe say before activating the gunner seat near the star of the movie?

4. Which of these phrase was NOT used to complete the sentence "light is green..." in the movie?

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5. Where was the Ghostbuster's secret paranormal research centre based?

6. What was the punchline of Phoebe's geeky joke?

7. Which film does Gary suggest the Spengler family watch for movie night?

8. Which of these characters from the original 1984 movie reprised their role with the same actor?

9. The first spooky activity that we see in the movie occurred in the headquarters of which organisation?

10. Where does Garraka go in search of the Firemaster?

11. How long did Phoebe leave her body for as a ghost?

12. The movie opens by taking us back to the firehouse's operational days, but what year was it?

13. What is the name of the ghost that Phoebe plays chess with during their first meeting in the park?

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14. What item did Melody the ghost carry with her?

15. What did Phoebe deliver to Podcast and Ray at the occult store?

16. Which metal alloy did Phoebe coat the components of her proton pack with?

17. Which of these food items did the Possessor inhabit?

18. What does the dedication at the end of the movie read?

19. Which of these supernatural abilities did Nadeem have?

20. Which of these supernatural entities did the gang successfully catch with a flying drone trap?

21. What colour is the Ghostbuster's support van that delivers the new proton packs to the gang?

22. What does Podcast use to destroy the sentimental watch the old lady brought into to be assessed at Ray's Occult?

23. What was Garraka missing when he was first released from the orb?

24. Where does Phoebe hide the proton pack she took from the firehouse lockers?

25. What snack does Trevor use to attempt to tempt Slimer out of the firehouse attic?


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