'Alien: Romulus' Trailer Goes Viral After Dropping Today

June 04, 2024 1:00 AM ‐ Movies
Alien: Romulus
The terrifying trailer for 'Alien: Romulus' has been released, and it's everything fans of the franchise could hope for. Directed by Fede Alvarez, known for his work on horror films, the movie promises to deliver the dark, claustrophobic atmosphere that has made the 'Alien' series iconic. The trailer is packed with face-huggers, chest-busters, and plenty of spine-chilling moments set aboard a derelict space station.

After months of speculation about the meaning of the subtitle 'Romulus', Alvarez recently revealed that it refers to the Romulus space station where part of the action takes place. He also hinted at a sister station called 'Remus', continuing the franchise's tradition of naming entities after mythological figures. Fans can watch the trailer below and start counting down the days until the film's release.

'Romulus' is set for release on 16 August 2024 and stars Cailee Spaeny, Isabela Merced, and Archie Renaux. The story follows a group of young space colonisers who encounter the terrifying Xenomorphs while scavenging in the deep ends of a space station. Alvarez has brought back the special effects crew from the original movie to work on the creatures, using physical sets, practical effects, and miniatures to ground the visual effects in reality.

The practical animatronic creature effects in 'Romulus' were created in collaboration with Legacy Effects and Studio Gillis. Legacy Effects, the successor to Stan Winston Studios, and Studio Gillis, the successor to Amalgamated Dynamics, bring their extensive experience from previous 'Alien' films to this new instalment.

Cailee Spaeny revealed that the film takes place between the events of 'Alien' and 'Aliens'. We also know that it will focus on younger characters. This concept was inspired by a deleted scene from 'Aliens'. Alvarez explained, "There's a moment where you see a bunch of kids running around the corridors of this colony. And I thought, 'What would it be like for those kids to grow up in a colony that still needs another 50 years to terraform?' So I remember thinking, 'If I ever tell a story in that world, I would definitely be interested in those kids when they reach their early twenties.'"

Acknowledging the legacy of Sigourney Weaver, Spaeny said, "Watching Sigourney play that role, she's part of the changing of the game that those films did. I could never be her. I injected whatever I have in me into that character and tried to make it three-dimensional."

Alvarez assured fans that 'Romulus' will not upset the established canon of the 'Alien' universe. He said, "I really wanted to go back to the sheer horror of the first film, and to take those elements of thriller that 'Aliens' has, and 'Alien 3' has as well. We went to crazy extents to keep it pure to the filmmaking techniques of the first movie. But if anybody's worried, 'Is it going to be too retro?' Don't worry, 2023 will pour through every window. There's no way to stop the modernity of filmmaking. And from that combination of the best of the classics and the best of today, then you have something new."

With its blend of classic horror elements and the infamous Xenomorphs, everybody's alien nightmare, 'Alien: Romulus' looks set to be a terrifying addition to the franchise.

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