Demonic Family Drama 'The Demon Disorder' Coming To Shudder

May 13, 2024 1:00 AM ‐ Paranormal

Horror streaming platform Shudder release a new trailer for the upcoming family drama 'The Demonic Disorder' starring John Noble, and directorial by special effects designer Steven Boyle.

The Demon Disorder
Shudder, the premium streaming service for horror, thrillers and the supernatural, has announced the acquisition of 'The Demon Disorder' from special effects master Steven Boyle, known for his work on 'The Matrix' and 'The Hobbit' trilogies.

The streamer also released the trailer for the highly anticipated film, which marks Boyle's feature directorial debut. Starring John Noble from 'The Lord Of The Rings', Charles Cottier, Christian Willis, and Dirk Hunter, the film will make its exclusive streaming debut on Shudder later this year.

The Australian demonic family drama centres on Graham, a man haunted by his past since the death of his father and the estrangement from his two brothers. Jake, the middle brother, contacts Graham claiming that something is horribly wrong: their youngest brother Phillip is possessed by their deceased father.

Graham reluctantly agrees to go and see for himself. With the three brothers back together, they soon realise they are unprepared for the forces against them and learn that the sins of their past will not stay hidden. But how do you defeat a presence that knows you inside and out? An anger so powerful it refuses to stay dead?

"We are thrilled that 'The Demon Disorder' has reached its final resting place with our friends at Shudder," said Boyle. "It's a community and fanbase that we hold in the highest esteem and we couldn't be happier to be on this journey with them!"

"After years of a creating a range of elaborate visual experiences through his work as a special effects designer on iconic films, we’re thrilled to give Steven Boyle a platform for his feature length directorial debut with 'The Demon Disorder'," said Samuel Zimmerman, Head of Programming for Shudder. "Full of impressive body horror that fans have come to expect from this master of effects, Boyle’s film is an engrossing story about breaking generational curses that viewers will find both unsettling and amusing."

The deal was negotiated by Emily Gotto on behalf of Shudder and James Norrie and Nina Kolokouri at AMP on behalf of the filmmakers.

Written and directed by Boyle, along with Toby Osborne ('Pindam') as writer, 'The Demon Disorder' is produced by Boyle and Ally Muller and executive produced by Michael Spierig and Peter Spierig.

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