Found Footage Horror 'V/H/S/99' Named Most Watched Film In Shudder's History

October 29, 2022 1:00 AM ‐ Movies
Photo: © Shudder
Shudder's found-footage horror 'V/H/S/99' shatters records to become the most-watched film debut in the streaming platform's history.

The fifth instalment in Studio71's blockbuster 'V/H/S' film franchise debuted to record numbers in its late-September opening weekend on the premium streaming service.

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Through its first four days of release, the film registered 28% more unique viewers than the previous record holder, 'V/H/S/94', which premiered on Shudder in 2021.

'V/H/S/99', which is the second to premiere exclusively on Shudder since the it revived the franchise last year, also accounted for nearly 22% of all on-demand streams on Shudder during the same time period and was AMC+'s No. 1 most watched movie of the weekend.

In 'V/H/S/99', a thirsty teenager's home video leads to a series of horrifying revelations. The film features five new stories from filmmakers Maggie Levin ('Into The Dark: My Valentine'), Johannes Roberts ('47 Meters Down', 'Resident Evil: Welcome To Raccoon City'), Flying Lotus ('Kuso'), Tyler MacIntyre ('Tragedy Girls') and Joseph and Vanessa Winter ('Deadstream').

'V/H/S/99' harkens back to the final punk rock analog days of VHS, while taking one giant leap forward into the hellish new millennium.

Shudder recently announced the green light of a sixth instalment of the found footage anthology, 'V/H/S/85', with genre filmmakers David Bruckner ('Hellraiser', 'The Night House'), Scott Derrickson ('The Black Phone', 'Sinister'), Gigi Saul Guerrero ('Bingo Hell', 'Culture Shock'), Natasha Kermani ('Lucky') and Mike P Nelson ('Wrong Turn'), set to debut in 2023.

Shudder's Craig Engler said, "by every metric 'V/H/S/99' has been a wild success, with subscribers watching in record numbers and debating with each other on social media about which segment of the anthology was their favorite. We are thrilled that the revival of the series continues to be embraced by our audience, and already looking forward to next year's 'V/H/S/85'."

The franchise's previous instalment, 'V/H/S/94', also debuted to rave reviews from film critics, with The New York Times calling the film "a grisly, gory gem," and a 90% certified fresh rating on Rotten Tomatoes. 'V/H/S/94' continues to be a top performing title nearly a year later.

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