Ancient Alien Theories Quiz

May 10, 2024 1:00 AM ‐ GamesUFOs
Ancient Temple Wall
For decades, ancient alien theories have been debated by ufologists and historians around the world, suggesting that extraterrestrial beings might have played a role in the development of ancient civilisations. These theories often rely on archaeological discoveries, historical texts, and unexplained artefacts that some believe point to otherworldly visitors.

How much do you know about the mysterious sites, historical texts, and intriguing figures associated with this fascinating field? Dive into the mysteries of our past that continue to baffle historians, archaeologists, and researchers with this tricky trivia quiz.

1. Where are the Nazca Lines, which some ancient alien theorists believe were created by extraterrestrial beings?

2. Which ancient text is sometimes interpreted as describing beings known as 'Watchers,' believed by some to be extraterrestrial?

3. Which ancient texts are sometimes believed to describe flying machines called 'Vimanas'?

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4. Which South American country is linked to elongated skulls, sometimes thought to be evidence of alien influence?

5. The ancient Dogon tribe of Africa allegedly had advanced knowledge of which celestial body, believed to have come from extraterrestrials?

6. What structure in ancient Egypt has been interpreted as a potential model of ancient aircraft by some ancient alien theorists?

7. Which map is believed by some to accurately depict the world despite being from the 16th century?

8. What do ancient alien theorists believe the 'Baghdad Battery' was used for?

9. Which ancient Egyptian pharaoh's elongated skull has sparked theories of extraterrestrial ancestry?

10. What did Swiss author Erich von Däniken write, which popularised ancient alien theories?

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11. What ancient Mesopotamian city is believed to be the origin of the 'Tower of Babel' story and potentially linked to ancient aliens?

12. Which network broadcasts the series 'Ancient Aliens'?

13. What feature of the Yonaguni Monument off the coast of Japan leads some to believe it is an ancient alien structure?

14. Which African kingdom is sometimes thought to have connections to aliens due to its legends of sky gods and advanced metallurgy?

15. Which ancient structure is NOT often linked with the existence of ancient aliens?

16. In the ancient Sumerian texts, which beings are described that some believe to be extraterrestrial?

17. What term is used to describe artefacts that appear to be technologically advanced for their time and thus potentially out of place in history?

18. What is special about the stone carvings of Gobekli Tepe to ancient alien theorists?

19. Which regular contributor to the 'Ancient Aliens' television show has become a popular meme highlighting his unusual hairstyle?

20. What feature of the Moai statues on Easter Island do some believe indicates alien involvement?


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