World Of The Unknown: Ghosts Quiz

March 11, 2024 1:00 AM ‐ ParanormalGamesBooks
Usborne's The World Of The Unknown: Ghosts
Many of us remember taking a copy of Usborne's classic picture book 'The World Of The Unknown: Ghosts' from the school library, but after flicking through this legendary book, throughout your childhood, how much do you remember about it? We've put together 20 tricky question base on the book that was originally published in 1977.

1. Which of these household items does the book suggest using to detect footprints made by 'fake ghosts' on ghost hunts?

2. Which of these is NOT listed in the book as a 'duty' of a ghost?

3. Which of these phantoms are described in the book?

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4. What illustration accompanied a description of poltergeists?

5. Which of these is NOT a piece of advice given in the book for spotting a ghost?

6. According to the page on 'where ghosts gather', what type of tree was traditionally a 'good place' to hang criminals?

7. We learn about an unusual haunted method of transport in the book, but what is it?

8. What is the name of the talking mongoose mentioned on the 'unlikely ghosts' page?

9. One story tells of the demolition of a hotel in Wales in 1969, but what part of the hotel was said to be haunted?

10. The legendary Borley Rectory was once described as the most haunted house in England, it features in a two-page spread in the book?

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11. Which of these supernatural entities is not featured on the map of haunted Pluckley village?

12. The book tells us that a phantom body is seen hanging from a tree, but in life what was his occupation?

13. Which of these phantoms was NOT included in the section on 'ghosts around the world'?

14. The ghostly funeral train of which American president was still said to be seen rumbling along a railway track in New York State?

15. What are the naturally occurring, huge ghostly figures seen above mountains that are described in the book?

16. Which of these is one of the methods of faking psychic phenomenon that is described in the book?

17. Which of these is NOT listed as a recommended piece of ghost hunting equipment?

18. Which of these does the book suggest is something to look out for in a haunted house?

19. The book tells us that a grandfather clock chiming 13 times foretells what?

20. A ghost of what type of aeroplane is said to have been spotted over its former airbase?


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