Daisy May Cooper Releasing Book About Her Fascination With The Otherworldly

May 25, 2024 1:00 AM ‐ ParanormalTelevisionBooks
Daisy May Cooper - Hexy Bitch

Daisy May Cooper, star of the BBC Three comedy show 'This Country', has announced that she's been working on a book. Available to pre-order now, 'Hexy B*tch' will be released this October and promises to dive into the comedy writers' fascination with the otherworldly.

Daisy, who plays Kerry Mucklow in the cult series 'This Country', broke the news about the new book on Instagram. She told followers, "I've been cooking up something special, something that's been haunting my thoughts for quite some time now. I'm releasing a new book all about my fascination with the otherworldly. Shall we say open-mindedness to things that can't be explained?"

Entitled 'Hexy B*tch', will be released this October and promises to be what happens if you cross Scooby-Doo, Mystic Meg, and some ghost hunting equipment.

A spooky book coming from Daisy is no surprise, as she confessed in a recent interview that she "a hundred, thousand percent" believes in ghosts. She's also had first-hand experience trying to hunt them. In 2020, Daisy and her 'This Country' co-star Charlie Cooper braved a night at the infamous Ancient Ram Inn, one of the most haunted properties in England. The brother-and-sister comedy duo spent the night at the paranormal hotspot in the rural Gloucestershire village of Wotton-under-Edge, hunting ghosts.

Daisy, who admits she would love to "train to be an exorcist and just go out on the road rescuing people and clearing them of all of their demons," also appeared in the Christmas special of Danny Robins' hit supernatural podcast 'Uncanny'. Daisy invited the podcast host to her haunted home, a seemingly perfect new build in the Wiltshire countryside.

Taking about 'Hexy B*tch' on Instagram, Daisy said, "Picture this: me armed with curiosity and ghost hunting equipment, exploring haunted houses, interrogating experts who claim they can communicate with the other side." She describes the book as being like "Scooby Doo meets Mystic Meg meets Gemma Collins after a few wines and a couple of Jägerbombs, probably."

The Instagram post invites followers to "come through a portal to the afterlife in the back room of an Oxfordshire pub, turn left at the pagan swingers, and meet me by the pet psychics."

'Hexy B*tch' will be released just in time for Halloween as a hardcover, an eBook for Kindle, or as an audiobook on Audible. It is available to pre-order now.

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