Explore The Haunted Locales Of Burton-Upon-Trent In Richard O'Connor's New Book

April 12, 2024 1:00 AM ‐ Books
Richard O'Connor - Paranormal Burton-Upon-Trent
Richard O'Connor is releasing a new book titled 'Paranormal Burton-upon-Trent' on April 15, which delves into the ghostly hauntings of Burton-upon-Trent. The book is currently available for pre-order on Amazon and appeals to those interested in ghost stories and the history of this Staffordshire town.

Burton-upon-Trent is perhaps best known for its brewing heritage, but it also has a history rich with notable events and figures, from the Roman period through to the Industrial Revolution. This Staffordshire town was once the site of the region's most significant monastery, and witnessed fierce battles on its medieval bridge. With such a storied history, it's no wonder Burton-upon-Trent is a hotbed for ghost sightings, from mysterious monks to tormented spirits making unexpected appearances.

In 'Paranormal Burton-upon-Trent', Richard O'Connor, a sceptical yet experienced paranormal investigator, guides readers through the haunted locales of Burton and its neighbouring parishes like Repton and Hanbury. The book is enriched with close to 100 photos and includes exclusive insights from the Swadlincote Paranormal Investigation team, of which O'Connor has been a member. These investigations have often granted unique access to some of the town's most haunted sites.

Among the spine-chilling highlights in the book are the haunting tales of Tutbury Castle, where visitors report encounters with a dark hooded figure and a Tudor-armoured giant. The castle's turbulent history as a prison to Mary Queen of Scots adds layers to its ghostly reputation. Similarly, Sinai Park House with its myriad of ghosts and its connection to potential legendary treasures offers another gripping chapter, previously featured in the 2005 episode of 'Most Haunted'.

Not to be overlooked, Gresley Old Hall's tragic tale of a ghostly maid, burnt to death with her presence still felt through unexplained sensations and smells, adds to the chilling narrative woven by O'Connor. Through his careful documentation and sceptical inquiry, Richard attempts to peel back the layers of these hauntings, providing a comprehensive account of Burton's haunted heritage.

For those fascinated by the paranormal or those simply interested in the historical echoes of an old brewing town, 'Paranormal Burton-upon-Trent' promises a deep dive into the spectral side of this storied area. Whether believer or sceptic, this book offers everyone a chance to explore the supernatural claims of Burton-upon-Trent through a lens of historical events and personal encounters.

'Paranormal Burton-upon-Trent' is available to pre-order now in paperback from Amazon, as an eBook for Kindle, or direct from Amberley Publishing.

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