'The Lady In The Bay Window' The Paranormal Charity Book That's Become Christmas Hit In Sheffield

January 06, 2024 1:00 AM ‐ BooksParanormal
William Grave - 'The Lady In The Bay Window'
A charity book by first-time author William Grave became a popular stocking filler over Christmas in the Sheffield area, with the story of a local haunting going on to raise over £17k for a local cancer charity.

In the ordinary suburb of Gleadless Townend on the outskirts of Sheffield, a remarkable story of the paranormal has emerged. William has chronicled his 18-year-long experience with the supernatural in his home in a book titled 'The Lady In The Bay Window - A True Story Of A Haunted Sheffield Home'.

This 'must-read' book isn't just a collection of ghost stories, it's a journey into the unknown that transformed William from a skeptic to a believer in the paranormal. William had his perspective radically shifted after moving into his current residence. Over the years, he encountered numerous unexplained phenomena, from apparitions to eerie footsteps and poltergeist activities.

His home, which he once viewed as a mundane suburban property, turned into a nexus of supernatural occurrences. 'The Lady In The Bay Window' compiles 25 true stories from William's experiences, each more hair-raising than the last.

The book has been described as a "page-turner," especially for those intrigued by the paranormal. Despite not considering himself a writer, William's engaging style keeps the readers hooked, blending entertainment with informative insights as it delves into his chilling encounters with gripping detail, transporting the reader into the heart of each spooky event. It includes accounts of visits from a renowned paranormal investigation crew and a local spiritualist medium, both of whom tried to decode the mysteries surrounding William's home. Their findings, combined with William's firsthand experiences, make for a truly compelling read.

The success of 'The Lady In The Bay Window' extends beyond the paranormal community. Over the festive period, it became a popular Christmas gift among Sheffield locals, with more than 4,000 copies sold. William has decided to donate all proceeds from the book's sales to Cavendish Cancer Care, a local charity that provided care for his late mother.

To date, he has raised over £17,500 for the charity, which relies heavily on public generosity. Cavendish Cancer Care offers crucial support to families affected by cancer, making William and his readers' contributions all the more significant.

William expressed his joy in being able to support Cavendish Cancer Care through his book sales, writing on social media, "It brings me immense joy to inform you that all profits from book sales will be directed to Cavendish Cancer Care, a phenomenal local charity that provides vital support to those in need on a daily basis. Your support enables their noble mission, and together we can bring hope and comfort to those facing the challenges of cancer."

'The Lady In The Bay Window' is available in both paperback and hardcover on Amazon, as well as an ebook on Kindle. Its blend of real-life paranormal encounters and charitable cause makes it a unique and meaningful read.

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