Exploring The Paranormal History Of Kent With Robert Bard's New Book

March 15, 2024 1:00 AM ‐ Books
Robert Bard - Paranormal Kent
Released today, Robert Bard's latest literary offering, 'Paranormal Kent', is a follow-up to his earlier work, 'Paranormal Berkshire'. This new book takes readers on an eerie tour through Kent, a county rich with history and, apparently, ghostly occurrences. Robert, a professional historian known for his skeptical and cynical approach, brings a unique perspective to the paranormal phenomena he explores.

In 'Paranormal Kent', Robert investigates several haunted locations throughout the county. One of the most notable places he explores is Pluckley, which once held the title of being England’s most haunted village. The village is renowned for its twelve spirits, including the famous Red Lady, or Lady Dering, who is often seen in St Nicholas' churchyard. Other haunted sites featured include Rochester Castle known for its thirteenth-century White Lady, Chislehurst Caves where children's laughter and footsteps echo, and Bilsington Priory with its sightings of hooded monks.

Robert’s journey doesn't stop at these well-known spots, he also delves into the hauntings of Hever Castle, home to the spirit of Anne Boleyn, and Dover Castle, known for its headless child and the soldier roaming the tunnels. Additionally, 'Paranormal Kent' covers ghostly tales from locations like Canterbury, Chatham, and Blue Bell Hill, where drivers have reported eerie encounters with phantom pedestrians.

The book is not just a compilation of ghost stories. It's also an insight into Robert's methodology and philosophical approach towards the paranormal. He reflects on the subjectivity of evidence in paranormal research and the reliability of witnesses. Interestingly, he also touches on cryptid sightings and a 'time-slip' incident in Tonbridge, adding a variety of phenomena to his explorations beyond traditional ghost stories.

'Paranormal Kent' also benefits from Robert’s personal visits to most of the locations, allowing him to capture the atmosphere and engage with eyewitnesses, adding a layer of authenticity and personal touch to the accounts. His skeptical approach does not debunk or prove the occurrences but rather presents them for the readers to ponder.

The book also discusses less frequently covered haunted locations like Chatham Dockyard, where apparitions have been sighted in several buildings, and Fort Amherst, known for its paranormal energy and shadowy figures. Pluckley’s recent history is addressed, noting a decrease in reported sightings since the 1990s, which adds an interesting angle to its reputation.

An intriguing part of the book involves Robert's communication with Alan Tigwell, a respected paranormal researcher, especially regarding a mysterious figure captured in a photo at Eynsford Castle. Their exchange offers an insightful look into the investigative side of paranormal research.

Moreover, Robert's recount of Winston Churchill's supernatural encounter at Chartwell House adds a historical dimension to the narrative, tying in the personal experiences of prominent figures with the haunted landscapes of Kent.

'Paranormal Kent' is not just a book for residents of Kent looking to learn more about their county's haunted heritage, it's an interesting read for anyone with an interest in the supernatural as it touches on some iconic paranormal hotspots and famous hauntings. Robert Bard’s careful balance between skepticism and an open mind makes the book accessible to all readers, no matter what their personal beliefs about the paranormal.

The book is available now in paperback from Amazon, as an eBook for Kindle, or direct from Amberley Publishing.

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