The Science Of Weird Shit: Psychologist Chris French Asks 'Why Weird Stuff Matters' In His New Paranormal Book

By Steve Higgins
April 11, 2024 1:00 AM ‐ BooksParanormal
Chris French - The Science Of Weird Shit
Chris French's new book, 'The Science Of Weird Shit: Why Our Minds Conjure the Paranormal', is one of the most complete and rational books on the paranormal that you'll ever read. Known for his skeptical stance, Chris has been a prominent figure in the paranormal community, debunking myths on TV shows like 'Unexplained: Caught On Camera', and movies such as 'The ParaPod: A Very British Ghost Hunt' and my own production, 'My Ghost Hunting Movie'. He's also well known through his regular appearances on Danny Robins' podcast, 'Uncanny'.

Although Chris, a psychologist specialising in anomalistic psychology, is known as a debunker, this book doesn't serve merely to dismiss paranormal claims but rather to explore why these phenomena fascinate so many. Through a comprehensive exploration that spans ghostly encounters, alien abductions, psychic phenomena, and even more esoteric subjects like spontaneous human combustion, Chris seeks to understand why these mysteries endure.

In the book, Chris takes us on a witty journey through various paranormal claims and uses rigorous, evidence-based methods to challenge and debunk claims related to ESP, communication with the dead, and alien abductions. Yet, Chris writes about the importance of understanding why people hold such beliefs. These beliefs offer valuable insights into the human psyche and underscore the broader cultural implications of how we interpret the unknown.

From famous cases like Roswell and George Adamski to an analysis of phenomena like table tipping and EVP, the book is meticulously researched. If you ever read publications like Unexplained Magazine or Usborne's 'World of the Unknown' books as a kid, then this book is the grown-up version. It expands on those same weird topics, like premonitions, near-death experiences, and mediumship, and tells the other, less magical side of the story.

Chrisโ€™s perspective is unique as he debunks myths but also shows why understanding these beliefs is crucial for grasping human thinking and social norms. He reflects on the practical implications of paranormal beliefs in everyday life by questioning seemingly harmless beliefs, such as astrology or conspiracy theories, and pointing out their potential to lead to discriminatory practices or harmful decisions, like rejecting medical advice in favour of homoeopathic remedies.

'The Science Of Weird Shit' is more than just a book debunking paranormal claims. It also urges readers to explore the deeper psychological and societal impacts of these beliefs. It might be an uncomfortable challenge for those who strongly believe in ghosts and the paranormal, but it is essential reading for anyone interested in how these beliefs interact with culture and influence society.

With a foreword by the equally brilliant Richard Wiseman, 'The Science Of Weird Shit: Why Our Minds Conjure the Paranormal' is available now in hardcover or as an ebook for Kindle, with a mammoth 13-hour audiobook available soon.

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