'Ghost Adventures: Devil's Den' Coming To Really Channel & Discovery+ This Halloween

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Ghost Adventures: Devil's Den
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This year's 'Ghost Adventures' Halloween special will air on the Really Channel and stream on Discovery+ as part of the network's Ghostober programming event.

'Ghost Adventures: Devil's Den' is the highly anticipated Halloween special from paranormal stars Zak Bagans, Aaron Goodwin, Jay Wasley and Billy Tolley. The two-hour special will air on October 28 on Really and sees the team continue their haunted journey to search for evidence of the afterlife.

If you don't want to wait until Halloween weekend, there's good news if you're a subscriber to Discovery+. 'Ghost Adventures: Devil's Den' is available to watch now, having been added to the streaming platform at the end of September.

Zak has also once again teamed up with Eli Roth on 'The Haunted Museum: 3 Ring Inferno', which will be available on Discovery+ from October 31. It's the latest instalment of the horror film anthology series that presents frightening and hellish tales inspired by the spooky relics on display in Zak's Las Vegas Museum.

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'Ghost Adventures: Devil's Den'

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Friday, October 28 - Really

'Ghost Adventures: Devil's Den' is available to stream on Discovery+ now, but will also air at 11pm on Friday, October 28 on the free-to-air channel, Really.

The team go behind the barbed wire of the shuttered Los Padrinos Juvenile Detention Center in Downey, California, a facility given the ominous designation "Devil's Den" by both guards and inmates. During their petrifying lockdown, the crew explore the presence of a lingering dark and disturbing energy that still resides inside the building's eerie halls, seeking to uncover whether it is from the real-life horrors of detention, or worse โ€“ the devil itself.

There's another chance to catch up with Zak and the team on Halloween night itself, which this year falls on a Monday. At 10pm the channel will repeat 'Ghost Adventures: Horror At Joe Exotic Zoo', which was 2020's Halloween special. The two-hour long episode sees Zak lead his crew to investigate rumours of bodies and tortured spirits at the Greater Wynnewood Animal Park.

Really's eight-night spooktacular is headed up with the television premiere of the first series of 'Celebrity Help! My House Is Haunted', a spin-off of the series hosted by Barri Ghai, Jayne Harris and Ian Lawman.

The channel will also bring viewers brother-and-sister duo Jack and Kelly Osbourne's two-hour-long investigation aboard the supremely haunted RMS Queen Mary ocean liner in 'Jack & Kelly Osbourne: Night Of Terror'.

There's also four new 'Shock Docs' to lose yourself in. Each instalment goes to the heart of a true horror story and offers a peek into its history. Look out for 'The Curse Of Lizzie Borden' which features psychic medium Chris Fleming, 'The Devil Made Me Do It' explores the inspiration behind 2021's third 'Conjuring' movie, 'The Curse Of The Highgate Vampire' delves into the hauntings of the infamous cemetery including tales of vampires, and 'Demon In The White House' uncloaks the historic origins of the horror of two grieving First Ladies.

As well as Really's offering, there's also a whole selection of Halloween treats to binge on Discovery+, much of which is available to watch now. The line-up includes 'The Haunted Museum: 3 Ring Inferno'.

Monday, October 31 - Discovery+

The scares culminate on Halloween night with a tale of terror like no other as Zak and filmmaker Eli Roth team up once again to produce the scripted two-hour special film, 'The Haunted Museum: 3 Ring Inferno'

The nightmare-inducing Halloween special is based off the concept of 'The Haunted Museum' horror film anthology series that presents frightening and hellish tales inspired by the spooky relics on display in Zak's Las Vegas museum, '3 Ring Inferno' features the terrifying story of a boy and his father who steal an old suitcase from an antique market and soon discover a weathered tent inside that opens a portal to a cursed circus world from the past. In this mysterious and haunted place, they encounter a terrifying entity that will stop at nothing to capture their souls.
Zak said, "creepy clowns, portals to a dark and evil circus underworld, '3 Ring Inferno' hosts all the classic horror people yearn for on Halloween. It's what nightmares are made of! And what better partner to team up with again than the incredible Eli Roth."

Exclusive To Discovery+

The Ghostober schedule also includes 'Ghost Brothers: Lights Out'. The new season launched with three episodes on October 7, with further episodes dropping weekly until November 11.

There's more from Jack Osbourne, who over the last decade has conducted close to 100 paranormal investigations all over the US. 'Jack Osbourne's Haunted Homecoming' sees the paranormal investigator return to his roots at some of the old haunts from his childhood in the UK where he had his first paranormal experiences. The three-part series is available on Discovery+ now.

'Eli Roth Presents: My Possessed Pet' explores the true, terrifying tales of what happens when evil spirits, curses and demons take over family pets. Each of the four one-hour episodes will follow the chilling and deeply personal story of someone who has had their profound and loving relationship ripped apart by supernatural forces beyond their control. Also look out for 'Eli Roth's Urban Legend', each episode is a mini-horror film cinematically crafted to deliver a hyper-suspenseful and tension-fueled experience.

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