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April 11, 2022 1:00 AM ‐ TelevisionPsychic Readings

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Tyler Henry
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Midmorning presenters, Phillip Schofield and Alison Hammond, quizzed Tyler Henry, a psychic medium to stars like the Kardashians and Rebel Wilson.

Tyler, who currently has 300,000 people on his waiting list and many celebrity clients, joined the ITV presenters via a live video link from LA to promote his new Netflix documentary series, 'Life After Death'.

Phillip confessed that he was skeptical about Tyler's abilities at first, he said, "obviously there are skeptics and I have interviewed many people on here who have sort of professed to do the same sort of thing as you," but admitted that he has read how convincing his readings are. Phillip asked, "when did you know that there was something a bit different about your ability?"

The psychic told the presenters that it started when he was 10 years old. He explained, "I randomly one night just woke up and had this knowingness that my grandmother was going to pass away and at the time I didn't know what to make of it or how to place it, but I went into the room to try to describe what I was feeling to my mom and as I was explaining this to her, we were interrupted by her phone ringing and when she picked up the phone it was actually my dad delivering the news that my grandmother had just died."

Tyler added that this was "the catalyst" that kicked off a series of moments of knowingness. An impressed Alison asked, "when these moments happened were there any moments where you just thought 'oh, this is going to get me into trouble, shall i just keep this secret?'"

"Absolutely," Tyler said, "it would be about the most random things, you know, I would be walking the PE track with the other boys or sitting in class getting impressions around my teachers, and as the new Netflix show actually focuses on, I was able to touch base with a former teacher and she was able to share her experience as I gave her a message after class one day."

Phillip then touched on another high school memory, asking Tyler, "it helped you with the school bullies as well didn't it?"

Tyler said, "it sure did. There was one instance where a bully came into the school bathroom as I was washing my hands and I turned around knowing I was likely about ready to get beaten up. And out of my mouth were these words that just left, they said, 'your aunt knows that you were crying with your dad last night and you need to leave me alone' and sure enough his aunt had passed away. He had evidently been crying with his dad the night before and he never bullied me again."

Phillip wanted to know more about Tyler's ability and asked, "how does it come to you?" The psychic explained, "my sixth sense uses the other five senses to communicate. It's more of like an active daydream, so I don't see dead people walking around - I think my job would be a lot easier if that were the case."

Tyler continued, "if anything, I just get into a meditative state of mind where I'm really hyper aware of any changes that go on in my mind or in my body, and I've learned how to kind of interpret those messages and make sense of them through validation."

The medium then told the hosts what it's like to work with celebrity clients, since as Phillip points out, he would already know a lot about them before hand, so how does he get validation? Tyler said, "one of the challenges with dealing with public figures is you have to get those personal validations that they've not discussed in interviews that can't be researched or Googled."

Tyler then gave an example, of 'Pitch Perfect' and 'Bridesmaids' star, Rebel Wilson. He said, "I think of my reading with Rebel Wilson as being so insightful because I was actually able to tap into a medical incident that a family member was having thousands of miles away in that moment and when she called home it got validated as making sense."

Phillip then challenged the medium, "do you ever get it wrong?" "I definitely have," Tyler admitted, "there's times where I've missed the mark, but I always say even some of the best basketball players miss their free throws. So, I aim for about 80%, but it definitely varies."

The psychic was then asked about the ethics of giving psychic readings, especially in relation to the fact that some mediums are criticised for taking advantage of someone who is vulnerable or grieving. But Tyler said that for him it's all about positivity. He said, "the goal is really to be positive, to try to leave people better than I find them, be it in aiding them with clarity or closure or insight."

The psychic added, "I don't force what I do on anybody. I have people come to me they reach out to me on their own volition and I think when it comes to spirituality and religion there are just people who fundamentally sometimes don't see the value in it, but I certainly do and for those I'm able to help I think they do as well."

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