Yvette Fielding Drew On Her "Terrifying Haunting Experience" When Writing 'The Witches of Pendle'

July 29, 2023 1:00 AM ‐ Most HauntedBooksParanormal
Yvette Fielding - The Ghost Hunter Chronicles: The Witches of Pendle'
Television ghost hunter and author, Yvette Fielding, is ready to haunt your bookshelves once more with the third instalment of her children's series, 'The Ghost Hunter Chronicles'.

Titled 'The Witches of Pendle,' the book promises to be an exciting ride for those brave enough to take it. Set for release on October 5, you can pre-order your copy right now on Amazon.

The new book delves into the historic witch trials of Pendle in 1612, unleashing the spirits of those persecuted during one of the most infamous witch hunts in English history. When a modern family moves into a Pendle house, they unwittingly release these tormented spirits by disturbing a witch's bottle filled with curses. It falls on the shoulders of our young heroes - Eve, Clovis, and Tom, who fans will remember from the first two books - to rise to their most challenging mission yet.

Under the guidance of their mentor, the ingenious Professor Rufus, our trio is thrust into a race against time as they combat the vengeful spirits of the Pendle witches, determined to possess the descendants of those responsible for their gruesome demise. Can our fearless adventurers stop the impending doom before it's too late?

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Yvette, widely recognised for her role as the presenter of the paranormal reality television series 'Most Haunted', shared that her own frightening experience at Pendle Hill served as inspiration for the plot. Yvette's team embarked on a live broadcast from Pendle Hill in 2004 over Halloween, an event often described by Yvette as one of her most horrifying encounters in over two decades of the show.

During that broadcast, Yvette and her team carried out investigations at several locations associated with the witch trials, including Lower Well Head Farm and Bull Hole Farm, believed to have been the homes of the accused witches. The investigations were filled with reported unexplained phenomena, with the most chilling experience occurring at the derelict Tynedale Farmhouse. Here, multiple team members reported feeling choked, forcing them to abandon the investigation one by one.

In an intriguing blend of real-life experiences and paranormal fiction, Yvette's 'The Ghost Hunter Chronicles: The Witches of Pendle' marks the return of the thrilling adventures of Eve, Clovis, Tom, and Professor Rufus. Yvette, known as television's 'first lady' of the paranormal, has once again successfully translated her on-screen ghostly encounters to the realm of children's literature.

Since its inception with 'The House in the Woods,' Yvette's book series has captivated young readers and lovers of the paranormal alike, and the upcoming third book promises to continue this tradition of gripping ghostly tales. Eager fans are already counting down the days until the release of 'The Ghost Hunter Chronicles: The Witches of Pendle.' Remember, you can pre-order the book now on Amazon to make sure you are one of the first to embark on this spine-tingling adventure.

This series has shown that Yvette Fielding is as talented with a pen as she is with a Ouija board, seamlessly blending real-life experiences with rich storytelling. She has made it clear that she adores writing these books and has fallen in love with her characters, and it's safe to say her readers feel the same way.

Get ready to travel back in time to Pendle Hill, confront the spirits of wronged witches, and unravel another mystery with Yvette's 'The Ghost Hunter Chronicles: The Witches of Pendle.' Pre-order your copy now and prepare for another unforgettable paranormal adventure.

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