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As you can probably tell from the photo above, my true first love was radio. I've always been obsessed with radio. Its what drove me to better myself, it got me my first job beyond retail and even now that I no longer work in radio, it's still one of my great passions.

I was given a radio for my third birthday, perhaps it's this moment that started my love of radio, or maybe it was my early memories of listening to BBC Radio 1 as a child. The iconic jingle "England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales" has always stuck into my head, I remember hearing it on the stereo in our old dining room when I was about five or six.

Of course I ended up working in radio for one of the UK's biggest pop radio stations, and although I came pretty close, I never ended up working for Radio 1.

But my love for radio isn't just restricted to Radio 1 or the BBC, I have an interest in radio broadcasting in general all around the world.

Below is the content I have written for this website on the subject of radio.
  • BBC Radio 1's Maya Jama Set Her Followers On Listener Who Damaged Her Ego

    August 03, 2019 10:31 AM

    BBC Radio 1's Maya Jama is known for her occasional mispronunciations, so it came as a bit of a surprise to me when yesterday I lightheartedly mentioned a slip of the tongue on Twitter as was set upon by the BBC DJ.

  • Psychic Hoover Predicts The Results Of Three England Women's World Cup Games

    June 27, 2019 6:00 AM

    A robot vacuum cleaner on the Radio 1 Breakfast Show has correctly predicted the result of three of England's games in the 2019 Women's World Cup.

  • How Did Greg James Get Out Of The Escape Room?

    February 19, 2019 2:00 PM

    Radio 1 breakfast show DJ spent almost 31 hours locked in an escape room and with the help of listeners managed to find the code to the door and get out.

  • 6 Things I Learnt About BBC Radio 1 From #radio1vintage

    October 02, 2017 6:00 AM

    Last weekend marked Radio 1's 50th birthday, and to celebrate the BBC launched a pop-up station called Radio 1 Vintage which broadcast 50 hours of special programmes containing of some of Radio 1's greatest moments.

  • BBC Radio 1 50th Birthday Quiz

    September 08, 2017 6:00 AM

    BBC Radio 1 turns 50 years old this month but how much do you know about the history of the world's most famous radio station?

  • Rob DJ's Monday Night Pub Quiz

    September 07, 2017 6:00 AM

    As BBC Radio 1 celebrates its 50th birthday this month, I thought I'd recreate one of the station's most memorable features. A special anniversary edition of 'Rob DJ's Monday Night Pub Quiz' as originally heard on Chris Moyles' show.

  • BBC Radio 1's 10 Greatest Achievements

    September 05, 2017 6:00 AM

    Radio 1 has been one of the biggest constants in my life, so to celebrate the station's 50th birthday, I've put together a countdown of the station's ten biggest achievements in my lifetime and the memories wrapped up in them.

  • My BBC Radio Interview On The Dangers Of Underground Exploration

    July 06, 2017 8:12 AM

    Over the last few days, two groups of urban explores have become last in a vast network of tunnels under Box in Wiltshire. Having previously been interviewed by Radio 4 and Radio Wiltshire on the topic of underground exploration, the Beeb once again contacted me to give my opinion on the dangers of exploring Box Quarry.

  • A Week Of Chris Moyles On Radio X

    September 25, 2015 12:21 PM

    It wasn't really fair to review the show based on the first day as really it felt more like a one-off reunion show rather than something real and longterm, so I thought I'd make the effort to listen for a week and then give my thoughts.

  • Chris Moyles Is Back

    September 21, 2015 6:56 AM

    Today Chris Moyles made his long awaited return to radio and launched a brand new radio station in the UK, well he re-launched Xfm as Radio X.

  • How To Run A Radio Mystery Voice Competition

    July 03, 2015 5:30 AM

    Dan James is back on 106. 9 The Owl with the soundtrack to your lunchtime, including the latest song from new boyband, Tigermoth... He'll also be giving you the chance to win a cool grand, all you need to do is identify the mystery, celebrity voice... If you think you know who it is give us a call...

  • One Of My Pranks Ends Up On Heart

    May 23, 2015 2:34 PM

    I'd been having fun annoying a certain car trading firm and it got spotted by a friend on my Facebook who happens to have a radio show on Heart London.

  • Australian Radio Network, SCA Launches Hyrbid Radio/Video Show

    May 17, 2015 8:04 PM

    The Australian radio network Southern Cross Austereo has launch a new hybrid show called YouTube Hits which aims to pull in radio listeners as well as YouTube viewers.

  • How To Get Your Favourite Song Played On The Radio

    March 06, 2015 6:30 PM

    DJ Dan James is back on 106. 9 The Owl with Total Request Twenty. Twenty songs all chosen by you! Hear his chat with Nigel from Rexham.

  • Pirate FM Launches Daily News Videos On YouTube

    October 06, 2014 10:55 AM

    Cornish radio station, Pirate FM has today published the first of its new daily news videos on YouTube.

  • Chris Moyles Makes His Comeback On YouTube

    September 01, 2014 1:59 PM

    The saviour of Radio 1, Chris Moyles stood down from his coveted role as host of the BBC Radio 1 Breakfast show in 2012. Since then he's has made his return to the public eye via YouTube, clearly understanding the value and reach of the platform.

  • More YouTube Stars Head For Radio 1

    August 31, 2014 12:37 AM

    Following the success of YouTube stars Dan & Phil, Radio 1 boss Ben Cooper is once again looking at a new breed of talent as his stations future.

  • More Music Lunchtime - Local Radio Feature

    August 08, 2014 2:54 PM

    Dan James is back on your favourite hit music stations with more music than anyone else around. On the more music lunchtime we don't play you seven songs in a row like everyone else, we play you seven songs at once.

  • Working In The UK Radio Industry In Infographics

    February 13, 2014 2:55 PM

    To celebrate the end of my ten year career in the UK radio industry, I've put together some facts and figures which I've discovered along the way... Is everyone in radio either gay or a geek? Are there really more male presenters than female? How do financial budgets vary between the commercial I...

  • Gaydar Radio To Close After Over 10 Years Of Broadcasting

    January 03, 2013 4:14 PM

    Gaydar Radio has announced that it is to close after more than ten years on air. The station which is the UK’s largest station for the LGBT community will cease broadcasting on 7th January 2013, handing its licenses over to Manchester community station Gaydio.

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